Health Information System (HIS): Its Importance and Components презентация

Слайд 1By
Akumengwa Neba N.
Department of Public Health an Hygiene
MPH 611

Health Information System

(HIS): Its Importance and Components

Слайд 2Outline
Importance of HIS
Components of HIS
Assessment of HIS

Слайд 3Introduction

Слайд 5Goal

Improve participant’s knowledge on health information system.

Слайд 6General objective

To highlight different aspects of a health information system

Specific objectives

define terms related to health information systems.
To outline the importance of a health information system
To identify the various components of a health information system
To describe the how a health information system is assessed

Слайд 7Definitions
Information System
Provide specific information support to the decision-making process at each

level of an organization (Winter, A. 2010)

Health Information System (HIS)
An information processing and storing subsystem of a health care organization.(Ibid)
May be a single institution(a hospital) or a group of health care institutions (health care network)

Слайд 8Importance of a Health Information System  
Produces information needed by
Patients, communities, service

providers, programme
managers, policy-makers, providers of funds, global agencies and organizations
Information used for
Better management, assess coverage and quality of services; costs and expenditures.
Detect and control emerging and endemic health problems
Monitor progress towards health goals; and promote equity.

Слайд 9Importance of a Health Information System
Strengthen the evidence base for effective

health policies
Improve management related to mobilizing new resources and ensure accountability of their use.

Слайд 10Components of a HIS
HIS resources

Data sources
Data management

Information products

and use

Слайд 11Components of a HIS cont….
HIS resource
Legislative, regulatory and planning frameworks
Personnel, finances,

logistics support, and ICTs.
Determinants of health; health system inputs, outputs and outcomes.
Data sources
Censuses, civil registration and population surveys
Individual records, service records and resource records

Слайд 12Components of a HIS cont….
Data management
Data collection, storage, quality-assurance and flow,

processing, compilation and analysis
Information products
Data transformed into information for evidence and knowledge to shape health action
Dissemination and use
Making information readily accessible to decision-makers

Слайд 13Assessment of a HIS
Health Metrics Network tool
Use to assess components

of HIS on a scale of 0-100%
0-24%=not adequate
25-49%= present but not adequate
50-74%= adequate
75-100%= highly adequate
(WHO; HMN framework 2005)

Слайд 14Assessment of HIS cont….
Cameroons HIS
Assessment outcome 2007 places HIS at 45%

Characterized by
Personnel with inadequate knowledge on HIS.
Untimely and failure to report data
Inadequate resources

Слайд 15Conclusion
Better and stronger HIS can resolved inadequacies in health systems.

of the importance and components of a HIS is a prerequisite to all those involved with its activities
Self -assessment of HIS is necessary for its strengthening and use for better decisions and better health.

Слайд 16Recommendations
Sensitization of stakeholders involved with the HIS on its importance

and components
Assignment of skilled personnel to the HIS unit accompanied by better remuneration
The dissemination and use of information from the system for decision-making.
More emphasis on electronic than paper-based data reporting

Слайд 17References
Winter A. Haux R. Ammenwerth E. Brigl B. Hellrung N. Jahn

F. Health Information Systems- Architectures And Strategies. Health informatics, e-ISBN 978-1-84996-441-8. 2. Ed .London: Springer-Verlag London Limited: 2010. (accessed 29 Jan 2014).
Health Metrics Network. Version 4.00. Framework and standards for country health information systems: Assessing national HIS information dissemination and use. Geneva, World Health Organization: 2008.
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World Health Organisation. Components of a strong health information system. A guide to the health metrics network framework. Geneva, World Health Organization: 2008


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