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14 Social Media Trends to watch in 2015!

Karthik Padmanabhan Country Head, Ecosystem Development IBM India @karthik_padman #SMWMumbai

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Seismic changes in our roles, expertise and skills

Dramatic developments in cloud, mobile and big data power new social apps

The latest social trends fall under three ‘T’s

If content is king, then context is most definitely queen

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The latest social trends fall under three ‘T’s

Dramatic developments in cloud, mobile and big data power new social apps

Seismic changes in our roles, expertise and skills

If content is king, then context is most definitely queen

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5.6 Billion

Smartphones Sold

1 Trillion

Connected Devices

41% CAGR

Wearable Wireless Devices




The Internet of Things connects machines and devices to the social web

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Region of Eindhoven, Netherlands captures data from cars and road sensors

Notifies commuters via smart phone app

Sensors from roads and cars provide social data to ease congestion

VVV Eindhoven

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Data from Facebook fed real-time onto store racks

How do you know you are up on the latest trends? With a social hanger!

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Leveraging cognitive capabilities to deliver real-time impact

Mining internal data with business intelligence tools

Analytics 1.0

Understanding the customer by analyzing unstructured big data

Analytics 2.0

Analytics 3.0

Analytics 3.0: real-time insights driven by cognitive computing

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Pick Goals
where social can have an


Align Social to top business goals

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200 Tweets Reveals Your Personality!

IBM’s Almaden Research Center Accelerated Discovery Lab
“Psycholinguistic” analysis of 52 different personality traits
Determining personality in 200 tweets
IBM has analyzed 500,000 people and no one is exactly the same!

Don’t necessarily think it’s important to stick to tradition or conformity. A rebel!
“Very open: to experiencing new things; a love of novel things
Value cooperation, harmony, and others and their opinions
An idealist: a very picky perfectionist who wants things to be done just right
Very friendly: high agreeableness

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Analytics 3.0: Fluid works with Watson to match shoppers to products

Pam Moore to insert slide

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Health professionals: more likely to use relevant forums or niche social networks

Don’t ignore the rise of niche social networks

niche network for runners and bikers sees growth driven by mobile



Site ranking 2012

Site ranking 2014

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Niche networks: redefining engagement in education

Social Student
offers private social networking for campuses

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Image-centric networks on the rise!

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Think DNA, Not Just Tools

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Visual Communication

Humanize brand
Brand storytelling
Educate, empower & Inspire
Emotionally connect

Instagram: 150 million users
Pinterest: 20 million users Facebook: Images have 53% more likes PicMonkey: 1.6m visits/ day, 4.3m edits/ day (in 8 months)

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Elfa re-energizes brand using product design tool

Customers design and plan storage solutions using 3D modeling software

Elfa has visibility into the storage solutions customers design

Sandy review: case study from Smarter Commerce deck

Pam Moore to insert slide

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receives over 1 Billion active users a month

Rise in video consumption driven by mobile!




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IDC predicts 1.3B mobile workers by 2015

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90% of mobile users have device within arms reach 100% of time

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Safeway uses Qumu to:
create, access, search interactive, engaging videos

Use of video growing rapidly in the workplace

Increased ratings comments

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Dramatic developments in cloud, mobile and big data power new social apps

Seismic changes in our roles, expertise and skills

If content is king, then context is most definitely queen

The latest social trends fall under three ‘T’s

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HR professionals say they believe the use of online reputational info will significantly increase over the next five years

Klout is the new SAT score?

We increasingly trust messages from experts and our peers

Academic or Expert

Technical Expert

A Person Like Yourself

Financial or Industry Analyst

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Dynamic Signal turns employees into brand advocates

The growing power of influence

5000 employees can generate…

Over 100M authentic impressions

$2.3M in recruiting cost savings

28% increase in Earnings

$4.5M in earned media advertising value

19% growth in Revenue

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Digital content creators needed!

135 billion
In 2014, marketing teams will spend $135 billion dollars on new digital marketing collateral

CMOs think custom content is the future of marketing

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IBM Voices: Uniting content creators across IBM

Digital content creates deeper brand engagement

7x increase in conversion to action

Millions of impressions

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Source: Altimeter Group

Business metrics: revenue, CSAT, reputation

Social media analytics: Insights, share of voice, resonance, WOM

Engagement metrics: fans, followers, clicks


What are you measuring?

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75% of respondents said they predicted sharing of physical objects and spaces will increase in next 5 years Shareable Magazine Study

Three quarters of startups use social tech like Facebook

Collaborative Economy = Ownership and access to resources shared between people, startups, corporations

New collaborative economy employment models drive business results!

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In 2008, Virtual Assistants earned a total of just under $250,000 on oDesk

In 2012 they earned more than $6 million

Currently 5,000 Virtual Assistants listed

Crowdsourcing the right skills to get the job done

Revolutionizing employment with a collaborative platform

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77% of consumers are more likely to buy a new product via recommendation

4x-10x higher conversation rate for offers from trusted advocates

Customers mobilized as advocates

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Create customer programs to turn customers into advocates

532 IBM Champions

33m Social impressions

Pam Moore to insert slide

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Communities Create Markets

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Top 5 attributes of a Chief Customer Officer:
Strong understanding of customer retention
Belief in the power of the ecosystem
Non believer in silos
Active in internal & external networking
Explorer of new tools and new ideas

New role of Chief Customer Office transcends CIO/CMO/COO

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Marketing and support working together to deliver ROI

“We can now identify and act upon changes in individual customer behavior.”
–Don MacDonald, Head of Group Customer Analytics and Decisioning

Behavioral customer data

Targeted, customized marketing communications

60% increase in cross-sales & Increased customer satisfaction

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Dramatic developments in cloud, mobile and big data power new social apps

Seismic changes in our roles, expertise and skills

If content is king, then context is most definitely queen

The latest social trends fall under three ‘T’s

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350M photos shared every day on Snapchat

5 Tweets per second contain a Vine link

We have a growing desire for instant and ephemeral content

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1.5 min video by IBM Research viewed 5m times

Instagram and Vine work well for short-form promos

Leverage new forms of communication in your business!

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Social media sites reach 8 out of 10 of all US Internet users and account for 23% of all time spent online

Marketers spend over a quarter of their budget on content marketing

Marketing is the new media

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American Airlines tracks digital content around the brand

Team of AA social experts builds engagement with customers

MutualMind social command center

Digital content is the foundation for creating engaging user experiences

Pam Moore to insert slide

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YOU are the media

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Incentives drive desired behavior

New incentives for user-generated content

Gamification increases commenting by 13%

Gamification increases social sharing by 22%

Activity Feed
Gamification increases activity feed engagement by 68%




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Shopa offers a social shopping network

Major brands incentivize user-generated content

Brands such as fashion retailers receive targeted word-of-mouth referrals

Consumers get discounts for sharing purchase information

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56m users on Flipboard: don’t miss this opportunity!

67% more leads from B2B companies that have a blog vs those that don’t

The blog is back!

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IBM developerWorks sees 20% growth in blogs views over 2013

Janet Powers reports that traffic to Women’s Toolbox doubled in 2013

Blog networks continue to attract more visitors!

Pam Moore to insert slide

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Keep abreast of the latest developments in social, mobile, cloud and big data

Develop plans to build influence in the ecosystem and create a customer-centric organization

Build systems of engagement that provide personalized, relevant information

Where do you start?

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Follow me @karthik_padman

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