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Active, healthy lifestyle.
Fitness is an active, healthy lifestyle. Fitness harmoniously combines sports, perfect physical form, balance of emotional state and proper nutrition.
A single and final, established definition of fitness still does not exist. At the same time, there is a discrepancy in the writing of the word itself: they write either "fitness" or "fitness". In the literal translation from English, the word "fitness" (to be fit - "to be in shape") is suitability, conformity.

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Today, the term "fitness" refers to the diversified development of physical abilities while improving well-being during class. It is proved that by means of fitness the potential physical abilities of a person develop.
Fitness - this is, exactly, a way of life. Fitness allows you to maintain and strengthen your health, balance your emotional state, improve your physical form.
Fitness includes both training in the gym, and aerobics, and proper nutrition - in short, fitness is a lifestyle that is commonly called "healthy."

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For a modern person, fitness is associated with success in life and youth.
Classes of fitness dates back to antiquity. In ancient Greece and ancient Rome, there was a cult of athleticism, a healthy and beautiful body. Greek and Roman athletes strove for a combination of inner and outer beauty and health.

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With the development of civilization, the more material wealth a person acquired, the worse his health became. A person, especially living in a big city, experiences the harmful influence of the environment, stresses, and uses fast food.

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In the US, the first fitness programs were developed during the Second World War for American soldiers, so that they were in good physical shape. Under the guidance of professional athletes, the military rocked the press, performed strength exercises, pulled themselves up on the crossbar.
In the middle of the last century, the Presidential Council for Fitness decided to save the American nation from obesity and disease. Now about 20 million Americans are constantly engaged in fitness.

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In Russia, fitness clubs opened less than a decade ago.
The fitness program should be a carefully designed system designed to develop certain qualities of a person (endurance, speed, coordination of movements). At the heart of fitness and physical health is always a healthy lifestyle, development and a combination of athletic and motor qualities, which give the most complete definition of fitness. All existing fitness exercises can be divided into five groups.

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Now every client of the fitness club, before starting classes, undergoes special sports testing, under the guidance of an experienced trainer, to reveal the initial level of his training, and receives advice on dietary nutrition. The more known and respectable the club, the more modern, scientifically based fitness programs it offers visitors.

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The first group. Exercise for endurance. These include walking at a certain pace, slow running, cycling, aerobics (rhythmic gymnastics), dancing, some martial arts and swimming. These exercises are recommended for improving cardiac activity and circulation.

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The second group. Power training. It's bodybuilding, swimming with different styles, some kinds of sports games. Such exercises strengthen and develop muscles.

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The third group. Exercises for speed. This group includes fast dances, all sports games with the ball. Performing such exercises, a person learns to perform short and at the same time rapid movements.

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Flexibility exercises. The last two groups include all the existing types of gymnastics, as well as sports games and martial arts, swimming, dancing. As a result of such training, the movements become confident, rhythmic and coordinated, the elasticity of muscles and joints increases.

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