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How to create an engaging mobile web experience that drives conversions


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Active Australian mobile subscribers with internet access as of Dec 2013

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Search for local info via their mobile

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Research products via their mobile

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“Google will develop for mobile devices first and all other devices secondarily” Eric Schmidt. Mobile World Congress 2010.

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“Apple is a mobile devices company” Steve Jobs. iPad Launch Keynote 2010.

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In general, mobile web user-experience is terrible.

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You could have the greatest website in the world, but if no one can find it, then it is absolutely pointless.

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Kill Flash. If your phone doesn’t display Flash, Google will not show flash sites in your results.

Replace Flash with CSS3, or failing that, Javascript/jQuery

Use responsive design over mobile sub-sites.

“Sites that use responsive web design, i.e. sites that serve all devices on the same set of URLs, with each URL serving the same HTML. This is Google's recommended configuration.”

Find out more: http://goo.gl/ejdh5j

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“It wasn't since Caffeine in 2010 that the Google Algorithm was updated so deeply.”
Amit Singhal – Senior VP & engineer at Google

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“Sites that are not mobile-friendly will see a negative impact on their rankings in the mobile search results.” Matt Cutts. October 2013.

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Plan, build, test and launch websites with a clear primary objective to achieve

Structure your website’s content around this primary objective

Apply mobile-first planning, design & development techniques

“Hummingbird signifies Google's move to put mobile search first, ahead of desktop search.”

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Load only what is necessary. Remove scripts that are not being used in themes. For WordPress, use wp_deregister_script.

Lazy load the rest. http://luis-almeida.github.io/unveil/?

Use HandBrake & Firefogg (Firefox extension) to compress videos. Get before/after figures. 63% reduction

“If your site is slow on mobile phones, Google is less likely to rank it.”

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“The brain makes decisions based on emotion. However, it justifies the decisions with logic.”

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“I’ve always said there are three keys to the hearts of consumers: Mystery, Sensuality and Intimacy. Here’s how they come alive: Sight, Sound and Motion.” Kevin Roberts. CEO of Saatchi & Saatchi.

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1. Use Video

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Avg. Visit Duration: 158% increase
Overall bounce rate: 19% reduction

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2. It is okay to use GIFs

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Avg. visit duration: 328% increase
Overall bounce rate: 44% reduction

Avg. enquires per day: 200% increase

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“Google uses over 200 ranking signals, updates its algorithm over 500 times a year, and employs thousands of engineers. We often get so caught up in the small details of the search algorithm that we forget all this effort serves a single purpose…”

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1. Have a satisfying user-interface Remove the barriers

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Splash/welcome pages. Present your most important content for your users immediately.

Force registration/data capture popups

Having important content deeply nested in the site’s navigation

Unclear/difficult to find contact details

Not having tap to call

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(07) 3194 6316

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Kill flash & mobile sub-sites. Use responsive design.

Focus your website around a primary objective

Load only what is necessary. Lazy load & compress the rest.

Use video & don’t be afraid of GIFs

Remove the barriers

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8 Million Active mobile subscribers

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11 Million Active mobile subscribers

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17.4 Million Active mobile subscribers

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20.3 Million Active mobile subscribers

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2014 ?

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“We believe that now is the time to close that knowing versing doing gap. It is time to take action and not just do mobile, but to do mobile right”
The Google Mobile Playbook 2014

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facebook.com/Web3Brisbane twitter.com/web3official web3.com.au/blog



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