The Profession of Teacher презентация

Слайд 1The Profession Of "Teacher"


Слайд 2General characteristic of the profession
The teacher is a unique profession, outside

of time, fashion and geography. Being one of the oldest professions, it remains important to this day. Like everything, with time it has changed. According to the dictionary Ozhegova, the teacher is the person who someone teaches his knowledge. Teachers work not only in school, they teach in colleges and institutes and other educational institutions.

Слайд 3A great contribution to the development of national pedagogy introduced by

L. N. Tolstoy, K. D. Ushinsky, A. S. Makarenko

Слайд 4The teaching profession on the labour market
In recent years, Russia

has experienced a mass Exodus of teachers caused by such factors as budget cuts, public service employees, the lack of normal working conditions, the upcoming retirement of elderly teachers, stress, depletion of physical and spiritual strength. Today in Russian schools are taught 1 million 264 thousand people. Russian schools are still a female face: 87 percent of all teachers were womenApproximately the sixth part of the teachers - 213 thousand - retirement age. Young people - those who have not worked at the school for 10 years, bit more, about 250 thousand people.

Слайд 5Personal qualities, interests and propensities
propensity to work with children; the ability

to motivate his plan, to lead; a high degree of personal responsibility; self-control and poise; tolerance, judgmental attitude towards people; interest and respect for another person; the quest for self-knowledge, self-development; originality, resourcefulness, versatility; tact; commitment; artistry; demanding of themselves and others; observation (ability to see trends in the development of the child in shaping his skills, the origin of needs and interests).

The teaching profession belongs to the group of professions whose subject

matter is other people. The teacher not only imparts knowledge to his students, but also cares about their emotional and physical health, forms and develops their spiritual world. The teacher bears the greater responsibility for their life and health.

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