Medical Products презентация


Vein Viewing System Features: Clearer vein image Safe: Use safe light source, no laser, no radiation Color image: Clear and accurate No patient contact Easy to learn

Слайд 1 Medical Products

Слайд 2Vein Viewing System

Clearer vein image
Safe: Use safe light source, no

laser, no radiation
Color image: Clear and accurate
No patient contact
Easy to learn and use
Small size: fits in your hand
Rechargeable battery
Usage: Hospitals, clinics, families

Слайд 3Surgical lights
Overall reflector illuminance shadow less lamp adopts light sources from

different position for focusing, providing illumination for surgical operations and medical examination and reducing shadows produces by different parts of medical worker. Illumination can be adjusted according to practical requirements. The lamp is fit for lighting for surgical operations and medical examination in hospitals.

Слайд 4Surgical Operating Beds
The table is designed on the base of gynecology

clinical examination and the special request of treatment. It can bused for gynecology, urology surgery, mirror check and diagnosis. The bed surface is streamline and conforms to the patient body posture. The dynamoelectric adjustment satisfy whole inclination. The obstetric table altitude is adjusted by the whole inclination. The bed surface, the head pillow is made of polyurethane cushion which is easy to unlade and sterilize. The bed two sides might install the vagina mirror according to the customer request. There is hide ordure basin under the bed, it is easy to handle dirty water and sundry goods.

Слайд 5Blood analyzer/Biochemical machine
* Optional touch screen, external mouse action and standard

* Micro dimension flow cell, with precision temperature control and low carry over
* Realtime reaction curve displayed, abnormity detected in time
* Large memory to store up to 20000 sample results, with result correction
* Multi-forms in result output including patient comprehensive report
* Quality control feature, with data statistics and searching
* Intercommunication with RS-232, optional Lead-Workstation biochemistry analyzing software
* Particular reproducibility performance test, easy to know the instruments status

Слайд 6Medical Anesthesia Trolley
1. Surface: ABS molded table with bright plastic

plate, features abrasion resistance and corrosion resistance; four-sided molded rim to avoid any falling of material.
2. Pillar: High-quality 304 stainless steel pillar polishing finished.
3. Board: High-quality aluminum composite panel for side board and back board.
4. Drawer: All drawers are detachable design, easy cleaning and replace. Aluminum Molded Drawer (Hereinafter AMD).
5. Drawer handle: Molded zinc alloy.

Слайд 7Medical Trolley
1. stainless steel construction

2. base with dia.125mm castors, two

of which are with brakes.

3. structure suitable for emergency use

4. with related accessories for emergency as bellow :
1) IV pole;
2) pushing handle

Слайд 8Ultrasonic Scanner
Full imaging mode:CFM, PDI, PW, HPRF, etc. Standard two transducer

sockets with 15aa LCD monitor iBeamTM,iZoomTM
l Full imaging mode 2d, CFM, PDI, PW, HPRF, etc.
l Standard two transducer socket with 15' LCD monitor
l Full function control panel with black-lit and 8 level TGC
l Tissue Harmonic Imaging
l iBeamTM spatial compounding imaging reduces random noise and enhances border differentiation without compromising frame rate
l iZoomTM automatically expands the image to full screen
l Full patient database solutions: DICOM3.0, AVI/JPG, USB2.0, HDD, PDF report, etc.

Слайд 9Medical Biological Microscope
Suitable for junior high school teaching, hospital testing, family

education, individual professional interest, common in medicine three routine examination, pathology, bacteria, laboratory research organization of subject necessary foundation; also can be used for aquaculture, livestock breeding, examination of parasitic disease, sperm activity.

Слайд 10ATP Bacteria Detector
1. The ATP rapid detection instrument using a special

sealing material to enhance the light, the test results more accurate and stable.
2. The interface is simple and easy to operate.
3. Bottom detection, the instrument is not subject to the impact of handheld or placement angle, the detection data without interference, the result is more stable.
4. Integrated box design, travel to provide convenience.
5. Significant low background values are more conducive to the detection of trace amounts of ATP.
6. Has a good reproducibility, to provide users with more reliable and accurate data.
7. Leather packaging, anti-oxidation, aging, and increase the useful life.

Слайд 11oxygen machine
Item Type: Portable Oxygen Concentrator Generator home healthcare
Oxygen Concentration Purity:

Noise: below 45db
Oxygen Concentrator Size: 395*245*385mm
Oxygen Concentrator Pressure: 30kPa-70kPa
Oxygen Concentrator Net Weight: 12kg
Power Supply: AC220V+/-22V;50Hz+/-1Hz,110V
Using time: this oxygen concentrator generator can supply oxygen for 24 hours constantly which can reach no less than 90%.
Item Type: Large Oxygen Outflow Portable Generator Oxygen Concentrator for 30%-90% Adjustable Oxygen Bar
Short Description of this oxygen concentrator: Large Oxygen Outflow New Design medical Portable Oxygen Concentrator Generator Timing function/one-keyfunction/Super Silence, Large LCD

Слайд 12ECG Machine

12 channel

Multiply printing modes and formats

Paper speed: 5mm/s, 6.25mm/s,

12.5mm/s, 25mm/s, 50mm/s.

With the functions of auto-analysis and
auto-diagnosis for routine ECG parameters

Built-in memory stores up to 1000 cases

Слайд 13ICU Patient monitor

The new high-precision modules, high precision measurement
parameters, reliable

quality and stable performance.

High brightness resolution 12.1 inches color TFT LCD display
waveform data is clearly visible.
a variety of display interface: a single guide, standard, large font
all leads, trend charts coexist to meet more clinical needs.

drip rate (drops / min) and flow rate (ml / h) two infusion mode.

Слайд 14CPAP Machine
1. More than 20hr real time data and more

1 year used records can be saved.
2. Showing airflow and pressure waves on screen.
3. SD card for data communication.
4. Combined smart technologies.
5. Contemporary and stylish design
for bedroom appeal.
6. EPR(expiratory pressure relief).
7. Auto-Leak Compensation.
8. Auto-Altitude compensation.
9. Alarm for cut down the power.

Слайд 15Infusion Pump
Drug library with all the most used drugs
History record review

and last configuration memory
Change the flow rate wihile operating
Manual bolus and automatic bolus
Anti-bolus system to reduce significantly bolus after occlusion sudden release
Micro flow rate of 0.1ml/h and Body weight mode to satisfy the requirement for Neonatal/Pediatirc
High speed infusion up to 2000ml/h satisfies special clinical scenario
Flow Rate Mode, Time Mode, Body Weight Mode and Drop Mode for wide range of applications
3.0 inch color TFT Screen offers you a good vision
Optional drop sensor and fluid heater
Wireless data transmission with infusion supervision system and bedside workstation

Слайд 16Suringe Pump

with rapid removal of pipeline gas function

with rapid high-dose (bolus)


when the injection is complete system automatically
open KVO (to keep the vein open) function

limit the amount of drug function

the machine automatically records the last injection
parameter information

sound and light alarm

Слайд 17 Air compression atomizer
The use of atomizer,
1 can make the drug quickly

and directly to the diseased part, and direct contact with diseased tissue, from the oral or injection of blood, so fast.
2 to achieve the best effect using the minimum dose, avoid reducing systemic medication, and drug side effects on the human body, this point is particularly important for children and the elderly.
3 for influenza and other diseases, the atomizer using can obviously reduce the disease, shorten the course of disease.
4 atomizer especially to relieve asthma effect quickly, is better than that of other treatments, even to save the patient's life in danger.

Therefore, the atomizer has become the preferred home health products.

Слайд 18Hospital Bed

Manual hospital bed and electric hospital bed

2/4 crank folder

Steel frame


steel railing

ABS bedside and mute wheel

Static loading pressure 200kg

Economic type

Plam fibre with cotton mattress

Cabinet and infusion bracket available

Wooden or ABS dinner plate optional

Слайд 19Medical bedside cabinet

•  Good quality ABS /Stainless steel material has advantage

such as no-repairing, clean, durable, moth proof, recycling,
environmental protection, and corrosion protection 
•  It includes one drawer 
•  It includes one door, Thermos, washbasin,
and other commodity can be put in it; 
•  There is a board for meals between
the drawer and the table top. 
•  With two tower hangers 
•  With shoes shelf at bottom

Слайд 20Medical over bed table
Can be moved to the table, user-friendly design,

more convenient for patients to use; use of high-grade MDF, cleaning more convenient; welding stent paint treatment can better prevent corrosion and increase the service life; fixed hand screw design, Can be used when the table can also be used to write, put a laptop and so on. The installation of universal mute wheel, can move the table at random, with a brake function. Is the hospital wards, nursing homes, medical beds preferred table.
Features: the bottom with a brake wheel can be moved, do not want to move, press the wheel switch can easily lock the wheels. The post height is extensible and the height is adjustable.

Слайд 21Blood Glucose Meter

Approved by ISO13485, CE0197
Silver Electrode
Proven Clinical Accuracy
Tiny 0.6 μL Sample Size
The Fastest 5

Seconds Test Time
6 months life after first open, as compared to 3 months for other brands
No Coding - Code free
Wide range 20 - 600 mg/dL

Слайд 22Blood Pressure Monitor
1)Display type: Digital form LCD                                                                                          
2)Method: Oscillometric                                                                                                      
3)Range: 20-300mmHg(Pressure);
40-200beats/min(Pulse Rate)                                                                 

3mmHg(Pressure); 4kPa(Pulse Rate)                                                                                 
5)Inflation: Intelligent automatic
inflation via pump                                                                            
6)Power supply: 2*"AAA"  3V batteries
7)Memory: 85 sets                                                                                                                  
8)IHB, Irregular heart beating sign                                                                                 
9)Average, for latest all records                                                                                                      
10)WHO,3 colors indicating blood pressure level                                                                          
11)Display, time/date with every records

Слайд 23- Reliable accuracy and durability
- Two Color OLED Display, four display

- 4-Direction Display adjustable.
- Low voltage indicator, Real-time spot-checks
- Low power consumption,50 hours continuous to work
- Low Perfusion ≤0.4%
- Automatic power off when no signal
- Small and light weight, convenient to carry
- Widely used in hospital, home healthcare, oxygen bar, community medical centre, alpine area,
sports healthcare etc

Fingertip Pulse Oximeter

Слайд 24thermometer
Accurate and reliable – Use Heimann high quality sensor for infrared

Safe and Higienic - No direct skin contact
Measurement in 1 second
Multiple uses - body/ambient/source of a baby bath temperature
Recall last 32 readings for easy track
3 color backlight indicate Low, Normal and High temperature
Fever alarm
C/F switchable
Wireless function is available if need

Слайд 25Weight Scale
High Precision Strain Gauge Sensors System
Tempered Glass Platform: 280x290x6mm

Capacity: 180kg/396lb Division: 0.1kg/0.2lb
Large LCD: 78x36mm
Tap Power On
Auto Zero-Auto Off
Over Load Indication
Low Battery Indication
Battery: 2xAAA batteries

Слайд 26Hearing aid
Items:Acomate 610 Instant Fit
Official Standard
A hearing aid, hearing aid box

one, three ear, sound guide tube, dust rod (6), a cleaning brush, manual, warranty card
The wire plug connected to the headset.Then earplug connector (hard) to the headset, earbuds (silica gel) to connect to the headphone connector pedestal

Слайд 27Stethoscope

1) Multi-function: Stethoscope

Many colors to choose from
3) Logo available on the membrane
4) CE, FDA conformity

Слайд 28PH meter
1 * Immerse the electrode in PH6.86

(under the temperature of 25°C ) standard buffer solution of phosphate, and gently shake the electrode.

2 * Regulate the trimmer with a screwdriver until the buffer solution value corresponding to
the measurement temperature is obtained.

3 * Immerse the electrode in ph 4.00 or ph 9.18 the standard buffer solution of borax.

4*After about one minute, until the buffer solution value corresponding to the measurement temperature is obtained.

Слайд 29Manual capsule filler

♦Product description♦:
1.High quality
3.Cavity:100,187,209,400,600 Holes
4.Control Mode:manual
1. Body plate
2. Director plate

Cap plate
4. Middle plate
5. Scoop
6. Tamping tool

Слайд 30Automatic capsule filling machine
This machine runs as per automotive separating revert

interval, feeding, removing useless capsule, clipping
and coming capsule, cleaning mould are completed at the same time, which has reach high precision and
low noise levels.With the automatic controlled, the speed can be adjusted by frequency conversion.
Digit display, the machine is easy to operate.This machine is with good suitability, high frequency for filling
Chinese and western medicines. Which adopted more hole type working principle, exact calculating, the
difference of packing are more advanced than its standard of governments pharmacopoeia.
It is equipped with safety protection unit for people and machine. It can be automatically stopped when the
material used up. It is a good equipment for a pharmaceutical manufacturer.

Слайд 31Medical tools

Слайд 32Wheelchair series
Manual wheelchair
Electric wheelchair
Electric climbing stairs wheelchair
Cerebral palsy wheelchair
Old man scooter


Слайд 33Stand Up Lifter

The frame adopts high-strength deformed steel pipe
surface roasts

the paint processing powder

With the function of stand and lift two

3 "front wheel

4 "band brake rear wheel

The leg tube way of pedal

A function manual device

Take extra batteries

With emergency stop lifting switch

Take emergency descent spin

Слайд 34Sport Wheel Chair

Overall width:58cm
Overall height:77cm
Loading Capacity:100kg
Net Gross:13.2kg
Folding size:97*36.5*77cm
Carton size:87*36*79cm
The wheelchair

frame:Aluminum alloy
Fabric material:Oxford cloth+Rubber cushion

Слайд 35Manual Wheelchair

1.2MM steel pipe, 2.0MM aluminum pipe

PU solid tires

Adjustable foot pedal

Durable environmental painting, never off

Слайд 36Electric Wheelchair

Universal control switch around
500W Dual Motor
Long battery Life
High-strength steel frame

cushion seating
Manual electric dual-mode drive
Quality pneumatic tire

Слайд 37New Kind Electric wheelchair

Front and rear pneumatic tire
Independent power switch to

prevent the accident happen
360 degree remote control
handle, easy to swerve the wheelchair
Comfortable seat design
Dual rear motor drive,
front and rear disk brake to guarantee the safety
One charge last 23 kilo meter

Слайд 38Cerebral palsy wheelchair







Слайд 39Electric Climbing wheelchair

Maximum speed: 8 (km/l)
Product open size: 106cm*50cm*160cm
Size after folding:

Product weight: 30KG
Maximum load: 150 KG
Material:Lithium battery and aluminum alloy
Climbing speed (step): average 20 steps / min, adjustable
Down the stairs speed (steps): average 20 steps / minutes, can be adjusted
Battery: 24 volts (12 two volts)
Charging time: 6-8 hours of continuous charging
Motor power: 200 Walt
Up and down speed: about 45 steps / min
Scope of use: step length about 80cm
Turning width: abour 100cm

Слайд 40Trolley

Слайд 41Old man scooter

Слайд 42Electric scooter
30 km ultra-long riding distance
Small size for endless enjoyment
Learn a

new skill in just 3 minutes
Four times faster than walking
Beauty for the sake of safety
Lightweight, compact, portable, durable
Road adaptive easily gets up 15 degree steep slope
King-size remote-controlled toy via Bluetooth

Слайд 43Show chair and Toilet chair

Слайд 44Meical Infusion Stand

IV Stand

(Cold metal sheet punching formed feet )

Applied to

intravenous fluid infuse for patient
Stainless steel lifting rod,1000mmlength
Stainless steel pole,1000mmlength
Height adjust range from 1200-2000mm
2Kgload hanged on one side,
the stand won’t be dropped

Слайд 45Infusion chair
a. Economical and functional Commercial furniture table and desk system.

Board Materials : 25MM desktop made of Melamine board with 2mm PVC edge banding.
c. Steel frame material:steel and aluminum.
d. Welcome OEM andODM.canbe customized.
e. Movable or fixed pedestal--optional.
f. Keyboard tray and CUP holder and cabinet--optional.
g. Table top color--Selelctive.
h. Steel leg color--Selelctive.

Слайд 46Led Light Walking Sticks
Built-in LED light for greater usability & safety(batteries


Led light walking stick with alarm

Слайд 47Walking stick

Слайд 48Walking aid and cane seat

Слайд 49 Dental Products

Слайд 50Dental chair
1.This dental chair All controlled by the electric valve

Motor ; Assistant controlled system by touchpad
3.Automatic thermostatic water supply system
4.Handpiece tubing with standard fittings (3sets),Three way springe (one for hot ,one for cold)(2sets),Water suction and saliva ejector (with switch)(1set),Powerful suction apparatus (1set each)
5.Easy cleaning Integral and turn able toughened glass spittoon
6.Strong and weak dual-purpose operation light (1set)
7.Water purified system with bottle of built-in
8.Spirit lock tight Equilibrium device
9.Doctor stool (1set),Foot pedal (1set)
10.Suitable for adult and children headrest,Three programmable positions
11.Multifunctional Foot pedal (1 set)

Слайд 51Dental X-ray machine
The microprocessor-controlled timer brings high-tech X-ray imaging at your

The control panel allows an accurate and fast exposure time selection while protecting the head during X-ray examinations;
Fitted with 70KV,8MA tube with preheating grid. The machine has been specially designed for intraoral dental diagnosis applicaitons;
Compiles with local and international regulations on ionizing radiation protection for maximum safety;
The soft positioner arm ensures naturally smooth and well-balanced movements. It is easily installed at the desired height and length;
Its ergonomics and design have been studied to meet the requirements of the most semanding practices in matters of floor space optimization.

Слайд 52Suction Pump

The suction pump is uni-directional without generating
positive pressure,it is

designed to have an excess flow
protection device to prevent the liquid from entering into
the suction pump.

The hand switch and foot switch are connected with
each other in a parallel manner,they can be chosen
and used at one's will,and the foot switch is for
low-pressure control in order to ensure.

Слайд 53Dental oral camera
Intraoral teeth, leather, thickness of the pores;
Congestion, skin texture,

aging, pigmentation;
Old age acne, pigmentation and other skin problems.
1. USB 2.0 port
2. 1/4 CMOS/CCD
3. 2.0 Mega pixels
4. Anti-shaking functions
5. Lamp: 6 pcs white LED which can change colors
6. Camera lens auto focus : 20 mm ~ 30 mm
7. Cable length : 1.5 m

Слайд 54Dental Autoclave
European class B standard Series

Product Description:

12L-23L optional
Triple pulse vacuum system

; vacuum dry
Nominal power: 1500-1900VA
Net weight:40kg-50kg
Gross weight:46kg Double door lock safty protection
Store file by USB flash memory (optional)
B&D Test. Vacuum Test .Helix Test
Up to 10 programs preset

Слайд 55Dental Water and Wine Distiller

Laboratory water, medical water, laboratory high

purity water, instrument equipment, family, skin care maintenance water.


Voltage: 110-220V
Frequency: 50/60Hz
Distiller water: 1.5L/H
Capacity: 4L
Chamber size: φ 180× 200
Outside size: 290× 290× 390 mm
Packing size: 290× 250× 470 mm

Слайд 56Teeth Whitening Machine

High efficiency goose pipe design,
adjust angle at random,

convenient for use.
Made by high power blue light
Digital indicator has sound feedback
100-240V, 50/60Hz for the global use
Small base size design, suitable in dental clinic
High Uniformity of light output
High sensitivity of infrared controller

Слайд 57Teeth whitening product others
Teeth whitening led light
Teeth whitening pen
Teeth whitening strips

whitening gel

Слайд 58Saliva Ejector

*Easy to use with non-rusting alloy wire (brass coated), easily

forms into desired configuration
*Comfortable soft, .round, pliable tip.
*Non-removable bonded tip.
*Holds shape after bending, clear image.
*15cm, Non-rusting alloy wire, easily forms into desired configuration. Comfortable soft, round, pliable tip
*Description:Clear tube with blue tip;

Слайд 59Dental headlights
Features:3W LED lighting,sunlight color, cold light,uniform light distribution,can work while

Function:AC/DC power supply, can be matched with loupes, light spot is adjustable.
Variable function:appearance color variable,packaging variable.
Shortage: wired connection

Слайд 60Light dental Piezo Ultrasonic Scaler

Ultrasonic scaler can not only remove the

tooth surface plaque, tartar and tea stains and dirt, white teeth, and can effectively prevent the occurrence of bad breath, bleeding root, periodontal disease, tooth decay and other oral diseases.

Слайд 61Dental fiber post
There are 4 pcs high quality drills and

20 pcs fiber posts in each pack .
Packing List in Each box:
Φ010 5 pieces
Φ012 5 pieces
Φ014 5 pieces
Φ016 5 pieces
Drills 4 pieces

Слайд 62Dental grinding machine
Right/Left turning ability
On/Off switch
Bur size:2.35mm
Power Supply voltage:
Package include
1 High

Speed 35000 rpm Handpiece
1 Foot Pedal Switch
1 Control Box Main machine 110V/220V
2 Carbon Brush
1 Wrench
1 Operation Manual in English
1 Free Plug Adapter If necessary

Слайд 63Dental curing light
Imported LED Stable capability, no noise, no vibration

high capacity lithium battiers , can be used about 150-200 times for one full charge

Слайд 64Dental handpiece
1. Universal to global dental chair, Self-lllumination without Connecting Circuit.

Perfect stable and reliable performance
3. Professional LED light source, superior brightness, Longevity 10000 hours.
4. Unique electric generator, just a little air can generate sufficient power.

High speed handpiece,3 way spray
Air pressure at the back end of HP: 0.25~0.27Mpa (4 hole)
0.20~0.22Mpa (2 hole)

Слайд 65Dental Bib

Material:100% Wooden Pulp and PE film which can prevent leakage

of water stains 2 ply paper+1ply PE film
Weight of paper:17(±3) g/m2
Weight of film:15(±3)g/m2
Blue/Green/ White/Pink/Yellow etc(all kinds of color is optional)
Packing Quantity:Refer to products specification

Слайд 66Denture box
Suitable for retainer, teeth orthotics, braces, etc, and the elderly

half mouth dentures storage place.
Application:dentists and orthodontists

Слайд 67Baby tooth wood box
Baby Teeth Storage Box
Baby Teeth Storage Box
Material: Wood

Style: Girl Image/Boy Image
Package Weight: 160G
Package Include: 1* Tooth Box

Слайд 68Scraping the tongue
Material: medical * with stainless steel + environmentally friendly

ABS plastic
Packing: vacuum plastic packaging, single package

Слайд 69Beauty Salon Products

Слайд 70Folding Massage Table

High quality PVC leather

4cm thickness of medium density sponge

High-intensity blue light whitening

Solid wood frame

Слайд 71Massage Chair

Solid aluminum alloy frame
Massage experience comfortable
Close skin feeling luxury PU

principle of human body engineering design
High density sponge cushion
Super strong bearing system design

Слайд 72UV Sterilizer
Product Description

1,Ultraviolet tube and Ozone and 50 C working

together, disinfection thoroughly.
2,Well seal, can’t leak the UV light and ozone.

3,The UV bulb will stop work once you open the door.
4,15 minutes to finish a disinfection.

5,High quality baby bottle UV sterilizer aluminum material inner tank.

6,UV lifespan over 1000 hours.
7,Operation principle have three types, UV light + zone + dryer temperature 50 °C, can control separately.

Слайд 73UV Sterilizer
Product Description

Sterilizers with UV light:

Other accessories

Widely used in beauty salon, Nail Salons, SPA, household, restaurant, food processing etc.

Слайд 74Hair removal machine
Using new ideas made a professional family Epilator. Using

super simple! Switch on the power, in the skin slide can be hair removal. The skin no need to apply any cosmetics can be used. New technology -- hotwire hair removal that damage to the skin reaches a minimum, who can be simple and easy to realize hair care? Unhairing mute! There was no pulling hair phenomenon. Therefore, no pain, no shaving hair make hair root reduce the skin black residue. Excess hair, skin smooth.

Слайд 75Hair Removal Strips

1. Material: spunlace nonwoven, pp nonwoven 
2. Form: in rolls

or strips 
3. Packaging: shrink film 
4. Weight: 65gsm-100gsm

Слайд 76LED physiotherapy light

Can be produced by one million times per second

high-frequency oscillation with deep penetration of the ultrasound, the skin cells for soft massage, promote blood circulation of the human microvascular, accelerate the activation of skin cells to help absorb nutrients.
RF radio frequency
Through the probe can be issued every second vibration up to six million times the radio waves, high frequency vibration can make the molecules within the skin due to friction and heat, the temperature is about 55 degrees to 60 degrees, then heat can make collagen shrink , And with the continuous regeneration, reorganization, and then to achieve firming compact, improve the effect of wrinkles. 
Vibration massage
Through a slight vibration, so that the skin tissue muscle base to do massage, to relax the skin tissue.

Слайд 77Nail drill machine
1. Elegant appearance Style,simple elegant modeling.
2. Input Voltage Range:AC110-120V,220-240V,50/60HZ

for worldwide.
3. Output power supply scope: DC2-15/18V,Continuously adjustable.
4. Maximum rotation speed 30000rpm.
5. On/off by hand or foot pedel.
7. Available forward and reverse switch.
8. Safety configuration for over-voltage and over-load.

Слайд 78Wax heater
Place the collar ring on the rim of the SPA.

the plastic lid from the WAX SPA.
Adjust the WAX-CAN holder on the wax can for easy handling.
Turn the temperature control knob and set the dial on MAX(it will show 135℃ on the digital display) until the wax achieves a liquid consistency. This process lasts about 30minutes.(it depends on the ambient temperature)
Once liquid, set the temperature to that you want(temperature can be seen on the digital display)
It is important to test the temperature of the wax by placing a small quantity on the inside of wrist, adjusting the dial accordingly.
When the wax is finished, lift out the can. Using the wax-can holder while the warmer is still warm.
Turn the warmer off every evening by full turning the dial counter clock wise. Cover the warmer with the clean lid to keep the wax dust-free.

Слайд 79Laser Comb
1. Accelerating blood circulation of scalp and promoting metabolism
2. Stimulating

the hair follicle
3. Adjusting oil secretions
4. Promoting scalp health and improving hair quality
5. Promote hair growth, nourish hair and strengthen hair.

Слайд 80Medical Consumables

Слайд 81Face Mask

made by soft non woven fabrics,breathable and confortable, It takes

into consideration both the comfort of human body and the basic requirements of efficient breath.
A flexible nose Nose bar is adopted at the bridge of nose; The four sides of the mask join flatly and tightly to the face.

Слайд 82Empty Capsule

1. In general type is pre-closed. separated capsule can

be provided.
2. The cap and body by the combined two piece of hard quality and flexibility of the space capsule.
3. FDA certificate
ISO certificate
CFDA certificate
HALAL certificate
Kind: Gelatin capsule and Vegetable capsule
Size 000,00, 0, 0,1 , 2 , 3 , 4, 5.

Слайд 83Empty capsule bottle

Слайд 84Medical gloves

1. Easy to put on, good elastic and no smell

Softness provides superior comfort and natural fit
3. Fits either hand, ambidextrous and disposable
4. Easy to pierce, durable, resisting acid, alkali, oil, dirt, high temperature and special chemical medium.

Слайд 85Finger Cots

Finger Cots are made of 100% natural Latex in rolled


Finger cots are powder free, silicone oil and amide free Skin thin with high level of comfort and tactile sense  For personal and products protection from skin salt.

Used in precision assembly and inspection laboratory. Also can be used in printing and handling food and electric chips.

Слайд 86HCG Pregnancy Test
HCG tests are available in strip, cassette and

midstream format.
1. Rapid,easy,accurate
2. Result in 2 min
3. Specimen:urine/serum
4. Sensitivity: 10mIU or 25ml

Слайд 87Self Seal Sterilization Pouch

sterilization pouches package is :
(as the customer's


Слайд 88Surgical gowns
Available in Standard and High Performance Surgical Gowns
Sterilized by Ethylene

Oxide, for single use only
Made of non woven material for fluid resistance
Soft and comfortable disposable surgical gowns
Folded ready to use, Each gown is packed in one sealed pouch

Слайд 89Self Sealing Sterilization Pouches
This Denture Case holds 1 upper OR 1

lower denture.

The case has Vents to allow your oral appliance to dry out if you need to store the appliance when traveling.

Deep enough to soak night guards, your single arch denture, retainer, or ora l appliance.

Keep your oral appliance safe from kids and pet.

Clean your appliance every day in this cleaning case.


Слайд 90Dental Burs


Our dental diamond burs coding system reflects shapes of burs.

I.S.O. number coding system is adopted for labeling.

Ex. TF means Taper Flat end, TR means Taper Round end etc.

Слайд 91Test Tube


Disposable Plastic Test Tube
Made of PP or PS


Plastic Test Tube
Made of PP or PS
12*60mm,12*75mm,13*75mm,13*100mm,15*100mm,16*100mm, 16*102mm
Good quality,low price

Слайд 92Medical tourniquet
-Quick release strap allows you to apply, adjust and release

with just one hand.
-Machine washable and autoclavable.
-Woven synthetic nylon fabric with thermoplastic molded clasp and clip end.
-Latex-Free Clip-Style Tourniquets have an easy clip-open clasp allowing blood flow to return quickly.
-Latex-Free Clip-Style Tourniquets will not pinch or catch the patient's skin while tightening or loosening, thus preventing injuries and bruises.
-Latex-Free Clip-Style Tourniquets allow adjustment to properly fit patient to avoid impeding circulation.
-Latex-Free Clip-Style Tourniquets have a woven stretchable elastic band that gives a tight fit without pinching

Слайд 93Gypsum bandage
1.Gypsum bandage material: Cotton and plaster of paris
2.Color: white or

3.Size(length): 2.7m,3m,4m,4.6m,5m etc
4.Width: 5cm,7.5cm,10cm,15cm,12.5cm,20cm
5.Solidifying time: 2-5 minutes
6.Blastic packing: individually packed in cellophane
7: Gypsum bandage packing:
Specification Packing Ctn size
5CM*4.5M 720 rolls 56*33*25CM
7.5CM*4.5M 480 rolls 56*33*35CM
10CM*4.5M 360 rolls 56*33*24CM
15CM*4.5M 240 rolls 56*33*23CM
8. MOQ: 5000 rolls gypsum bandage
9.Delivery time: 15days after samples confirmed
10. Payment terms: TT,LC etc

Слайд 94Disposable bed sheet
medical nonwoven bed sheet for hospital, disposable medical nonwoven

bed sheet for hospital, disposable medical nonwoven bed sheet

1. Product Information

1). Material: 55gsm medical grade non woven fabric
2). Size: 75Wx183Lcm
3). Feature : use medical grade non woven fabric.
4). Package: 1pc/OPP bag, 100pcs/ctn

Слайд 95Surgical suture material
Component: polyester and coated with silicone
Multifilament, braided For secure knot tying,

high fexibility and easy handling
Synthetic: Minimal tissue reaction
Coated: For easy knot tying and smooth passage through tissue
Color: Black
Needle Curvature: 1/2 circle,3/8circle
Thread Length: 45cm 60cm 70cm 75cm 180cm
Skin closure
Ophthalmic surgery
Absorption: Non-Absorbable

Слайд 96Alcohol Pad
Can be used for skin, wound around, before disinfection; keyboard,

cell phone, office supplies, carry-on items, tableware, children's toys and other cleaning and disinfection; often touch items, toilet seat before use disinfection; outdoor travel, camping small Wound emergency disinfection and ignition.

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