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Thanks for joining! We’ll get started in just a few minutes.

#thinkcontent | @newscred

How To Use Content Marketing For Demand Generation


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How To Use Content Marketing For Demand Generation

Alicianne Rand
VP, Marketing, NewsCred

Heidi Bullock
VP, Demand Generation, Marketo



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A marketer’s job is many things…

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The bottom line:
A marketer’s job is to generate demand.

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of B2B and B2C buying decisions are made before a buyer ever reaches sales.


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Lead nurturing
Sponsored email campaigns
Outbound marketing
Native advertising
Social advertising

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Today’s customer experience
is extremely fragmented.

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Content fuels the modern marketing engine.

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Demand generation is not just about customer acquisition.

It’s about creating a lifetime of customer happiness.

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Are you bringing value to the entire customer journey?

NewsCred’s best practices for utilizing content across buyer journey

Top of the Funnel
Quality, custom and licensed content focused on helping to answer our customer’s challenges and define the future of content marketing. Often focuses on longtail SEO keywords.

Middle of the Funnel
High value, original resources created for our Academy. Useful, timely, and also hits on niche topics specific to NewsCred’s offering and solutions.

Bottom of the Funnel
Custom content converting leads to customers: case studies, product offers, comparison guides, analyst reports, etc.

Customer Stage
Retaining customers with content specific to their industry and pain points, newsletters, product updates, and tutorials/training





#linkedincontent @newscred

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Great content delivers ROI.

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Great content delivers ROI.

Source: Hubspot 2014

79% of ‘best-in-class’ B2B marketers rate blogs as the most effective customer acquisition tactic.

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Great content delivers ROI.

Source: Hubspot 2014

Content marketing generates 3 times as many leads as traditional outbound marketing, but costs 62% less.

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Great content delivers ROI.

Source: Hubspot 2014

79% of companies that prioritize content marketing report a positive ROI.

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Customer growth.
Cost savings.

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So how can you use content marketing to scale your demand generation strategy?

Let’s learn from the best.

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Identify / Prioritize Your Goals

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Do not just jump to content tactics…

I just love infographics!

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Goals for Content Marketing

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Set and prioritize your goals

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Demand Gen Example

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Creating The Right Content – 5 Step Plan

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New! 7 golden rules for content

Meaningful to the reader
Relevant to your company
Consistent online and offline

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Step 1: Buyer Personas + Research

Who are you selling to? What do they care about?

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Step 2: Understand the buyer’s journey

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Step 3: Know your potential buyer and what matters to them

What are their big pain points?

How can you help them?

What do they respond to?

Ex: Is it ‘fun’ or serious?

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Research data, funny videos, curated lists, infographics, thought leadership

Step 4: Map content to buying stage




Thought leadership and entertainment to build brand and awareness

Tools that help buyers find you when they are looking for solutions

Company-specific information to help evaluate and reaffirm selection

Buying guides, RFP templates, ROI calculators, whitepapers, analyst reports, webinars

Pricing, demos, services information, 3rd party reviews, customer case studies


Early Stage - Awareness

Middle Stage - Evaluation

Late Stage - Purchase

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Step 5: Figure out what you have, what you need

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Provocative thought of the day…

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Taco Bell Content Strategy

Finite set of ingredients….you may not need MORE

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“Big Rock” content example

Definitive Guide to MA:




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Content is not just whitepapers!

Blog posts
SlideShare presentations
Moving Infographics
Activity books/worksheets
And of course landing pages!

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Lead Generation
- Examples and Tips

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Content powers your demand gen engine

Good content = Optimized performance

Poor content = Suboptimal performance

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Form length matters

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Form Completion for Data Augmentation

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The right content per channel matters

Source: chicagostyleseo.com

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Website Personalization

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LinkedIn Sponsored Update

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Test a mix of content offers – make sure they are visual!

Lighter Harder

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In-Video Gating
Adding CTAs
Three key types
Pop-Out CTAs
End of Video CTAs


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You have a great deck
Make it very visual and appealing
Use the form for Slideshare

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Your Blog

@jonmiller @mpranikoff

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Blog - Results



From average 14 a week to 145/week - 10X growth!

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Registration = +18K
Attendees = 4,976
Tweets = 2,224 in 4 hours
Downloads of Marketo content = 12,112
New Names = 3,194
FT Pipeline - $955K
MT Pipeline - $5M

Registration = + 4K
Attendees = 1464
FT Pipeline = $367K
MT Pipeline = $332K

Leverage partners

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The Power of Peer to Peer

Company to Buyer: 33% Trust
Buyer to Buyer: 92% Trust


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Get the most out of your content

Get your users to SHARE
Make every campaign social
Increase your visibility and engagement

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Optimize for Mid-Funnel.

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Source: Marketo data, Marketo Revenue Cycle Analytics. Does not include all sources.

349 Days on Average

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Use Lead Scoring



Buying Stage




Pass to Sales

Pass to Sales

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Be a Better Marketer
Blog Posts
Funny Videos
Thought Leadership
Why Marketing Automation
Buying Guides
RFP Templates
ROI Calculators
Why Marketo
Video Testimonials
Case Studies

Content – Story Arcs

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Define the tactics and cadence

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Program ROI

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Key questions to ask

Which content assets work best for you at TOFU, MOFU, BOFU
Which content assets are best performing for a particular vendor (ex: paid email)?
Which assets are good for bringing in qualified leads?
Which assets are good for opportunity creation?
What content works best in nurturing?
What blog post topics have the best engagement?

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Track All Touches Across People

Screenshot: Marketo Revenue Cycle Analytics

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Downloaded eBook on Analytics

Registered for Analytics Webinar

Downloaded Analytics Survey Results

Attended “Top 10 Marketing Reports” Webinar

Engaged with us at Big Tradeshow

Connected with Sales Rep

First Touch

3 months



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Downloaded eBook on Analytics

Registered for Analytics Webinar

Downloaded Analytics Survey Results

Attended “Top 10 Marketing Reports” Webinar

Engaged with us at Big Tradeshow

Connected with Sales Rep

Multi Touch

3 months







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Know what is effective at TOFU vs. MOFU

More efficient at pushing leads through funnel

More efficient at acquiring the right leads

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Website – 23K views, 10,283 downloads
Email – 2,730 clicked
Slideshare – 7,693 views
Social impressions – 1,149



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Leverage Data to Determine Best Offer For Each Vendor

Consider offer data, program goal, content asset, and content stage to make final determination.

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Content ROI

Make sure stakeholders agree on the criteria.

Establish Goals and ROI Estimates Up-Front

Design Programs to Be Measurable

Focus on the Decisions that Improve ROI

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