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10 Trends to Define 2015 in Marketing

Presented by Matthew Haskell – Corporate Marketing Manager, SourceLink

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Trend 1- Wearables take on marketing significance, especially in retail

Smartwatch use will extend far beyond telling time
Location-based marketing stands to explode
“Point of Purchase” marketing potentially turns into a bidding war

What to expect:

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Trend 2- Trust in technology and seamless payments offer new avenues for marketers

Apple Pay and Google Wallet finally hit the mainstream
Trust in technology to handle sensitive information grows by leaps and bounds
Becoming “top of wallet” becomes enormously more important, with banks vying for the coveted seamless payment slot

What to expect:

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Trend 3- Permission-based mobile marketing to explode, while becoming less intrusive

Wearables shorten the buying process
Opt-in marketing overtakes push marketing, and messaging evolves to be less intrusive
How offers are positioned takes center stage

What to expect:

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Trend 4 – CRM/database applications find synergy with social and mobile

Mobile and social media interactions begin to tie to marketing databases
Opt-in strategies enhance robust customer profiles
IP addresses correlated with individual records and zones increase personalization

What to expect:

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Trend 5- Recognition software grows by leaps and bounds, thus reinvigorating print marketing

Tools like Amazon’s “Fire” allow multiple media to be scanned by smart devices for interactive advertising
Augmented reality with direct marketing takes on new significance
Native integration of recognition software shortens the path to conversion
Electronic couponing impacted by print’s ability to offer tactile delivery methods to mobile devices

What to expect:

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Trend 6- Gamification goes beyond badges

Loyalty programs creep into spaces outside of grocery stores
Gamification takes on new meanings, and has real financial implications
Look for “Seamless Loyalty” to accompany wearable technology
Social media and gamification work together to reward “experts” in certain niches

What to expect:

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Trend 7- Predictive analytics becomes bedfellows with business intelligence

Decisioning and marketing to be reliant on predictive analytics
Business intelligence goes beyond reporting, to actually predicating the next logical step or touchpoint
Real-time interactive and mobile dashboards visualize behavior modeling

What to expect:

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Trend 8- Native advertising and mobile spend see double digit growth increases in 2015, and cross-channel integration becomes top focus for advertisers

Advertisers stop seeing social media as “free”
Social ROI takes center stage, and allows for richer view of individual customer
Consumer desire for experiences to be genuine and “truly social” leads to further regression of push marketing

What to expect:

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Trend 9- ROI-driven advertising channels, such as digital and direct, overtake spend on broadcast-based channels

Volume direct mail will remain key in consumer marketing and ROI
Multichannel attribution takes center stage, with more funds going towards direct response channels
Digital channels that can track direct attributions move to top of fold
Modeling and analytics become key focuses for CMOs

What to expect:

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Trend 10- Second screens and variable advertising find synergy

Advertisers reach “second screens” (mobile devices) with tailored advertising
The key is how the second screen is interacting with the television or game system
Look for personalized television experiences, as cable and streaming providers learn more about their demographics
Gamification elements build brand and customer loyalty

What to expect:

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Thanks for viewing this slideshow!

Good luck with all your marketing initiatives in 2015, and for a more detailed breakdown of all of these topics, one-by-one, stop by


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