An impersonator of Star Wars character 'Darth Vader' stands on the roof of a van during an election campaign event for the Ukrainian Internet Party. Kiev, Oct. 21, 2014. Sergey Dolzhenko—epa презентация


The Most Surprising Photos of 2014

Слайд 1An impersonator of Star Wars character 'Darth Vader' stands on the

roof of a van during an election campaign event for the Ukrainian Internet Party. Kiev, Oct. 21, 2014. Sergey Dolzhenko—epa

Слайд 2The Most Surprising Photos of 2014

Слайд 3Marta Llorente, 28, a contestant, poses backstage before taking part in

a body paint pageant in the Andalusian capital of Seville in Spain, March 24, 2014. MARCELO DEL POZO—REUTERS

Слайд 4A painting is seen on the island of Yeonpyeong, which lies

on the South Korean side of the Northern Limit Line, in the Yellow Sea, April 9, 2014. DAMIR SAGOLJ—REUTERS

Слайд 5A giant statue of actress Marilyn Monroe is seen at the

landfill site of a garbage collecting company in Guigang, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, China, June 18, 2014. CHINA DAILY/REUTERS

Слайд 6The body of boxer Christopher Rivera, who was shot to death,

is propped up in a fake boxing ring during his wake at the community recreation center within the public housing project where he lived in San Juan, Puerto Rico, Jan. 31, 2014. RICARDO ARDUENGO—AP

Слайд 7A giant fork designed by Jean-Pierre Zaugg is set up on

Lake Geneva, Switzerland, Oct. 17, 2014. FABRICE COFFRINI—AFP/GETTY IMAGES

Слайд 8Ukrainian fighters partly wearing non-official uniforms stands next to a tank

in a military camp on the front line near Pervomaysk city of Lugansk region, Ukraine, Sept. 12, 2014. ROMAN PILIPEY—EPA

Слайд 9An ultra-Orthodox Jewish girl wearing a costume sits in a cage

during the Purim festival in Bnei Brak, near Tel Aviv, Israel, March 16, 2014. ARIEL SCHALIT—AP

Слайд 10A golfer plays as African migrants sit atop a border fence

during an attempt to cross into the Spanish north African enclave of Melilla, Oct. 22, 2014. REUTERS

Слайд 11Divaldo Aguiar, who is playing the part of character Pachencho, lies

inside a mock coffin as villagers splash rum into his mouth during the annual "Burial of Pachencho" celebration at a cemetery in Santiago de Las Vegas, Cuba, Feb. 5, 2014. FRANKLIN REYES—AP

Слайд 12Models, who are being suspended from the roof of the Sony

Building, walk on a wall during a fashion show in Tokyo, May 7, 2014. THE ASAHI SHIMBUN— GETTY IMAG

Слайд 13People throw turnips at the Jarramplas as he makes his way

through the streets during the Jarramplas Festival in Piornal, Spain, Jan. 20, 2014. ANDRES KUDACKI—AP

Слайд 14A cutout of a policewoman is seen on the highway that

connects the Peruvian towns of Aucayacu and Tocache. The cutout is meant to remind potential criminals that police are in the area, Peru, Sept. 26, 2014. RODRIGO ABD—AP

Слайд 15Revelers of the Nene de Vila Matilde samba school perform during

the second night of carnival parade at the Sambadrome, Sao Paulo, March 1, 2014. MIGUEL SCHINCARIOL—AFP/GETTY IMAGES

Слайд 16Djalma Antonio Jardim who has a rare inherited skin disease known

as xeroderma pigmentosum looks in a mirror at his home in the Araras community of Brazil's Goias state, March 3, 2014. ERALDO PERES—AP

Слайд 17Flyers are dropped over Gaza City by the Israeli army urging

residents to evacuate their homes, July 30, 2014. MOHAMMED ABED—AFP/GETTY IMAGES

Слайд 18Pope Francis with Palestinian leader Mahmud Abbas and Israeli President Shimon

Peres during a joint peace prayer at the Vatican Gardens, Vatican City, June 8, 2014. ANTONELLO NUSCA—POLARIS

Слайд 19The U.S. side of Niagara Falls, partially frozen from exposure to

frigid air from a polar vortex, is pictured from Ont., Canada, Jan. 8, 2014. AARON HARRIS—REUTERS

Слайд 20Russian President Vladimir Putin, and his Serbian counterpart, Tomislav Nikolic, attend

a military parade in Belgrade, Oct. 16, 2014. MARKO DJURICA—REUTERS

Слайд 21A sculpture of a giant hippopotamus built by artist Florentjin Hofman

is towed up the Thames past the Houses of Parliament in central London, Sept. 2, 2014. ANDREW WINNING—REUTERS

Слайд 22A harpist plays at a public maternity hospital in Caracas, Oct.


Слайд 23South African Paralympic athlete Oscar Pistorius is seen leaning back after

applying eye drops as he prepares himself for another day in the dock during his murder trial in Pretoria, South Africa, March 14, 2014. KIM LUDBROOK—POOL/AP

Слайд 24A paper frog is surrounded by paper pandas at an exhibition

called "Pandas on Tour" at the National Theater, Taipei, Feb. 24, 2014. MANDY CHENGAFP/GETTY IMAGES

Слайд 25A huge tire blocks the door where Michel Dheilly and Bernard

Glesser are being held. French workers held company bosses hostage at a Goodyear Factory in Amiens, France, Jan. 6, 2014. MICHAEL BUNEL—NURPHOTO

Слайд 26The body of a passenger aboard Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 that

fell through the roof of a home near the crash site in Rasipnoye, Ukraine, July 18, 2014. JEROME SESSINI—MAGNUM

Слайд 27An employee of the Russian Space Training Center hangs space suits

out to dry, July 2, 2014. ALEXANDER ZEMLIANICHENKO—AP

Слайд 28Two bolts of lightning hit the antenna on top of One

World Trade Center, New York, May 23, 2014. GARY HERSHORN—CORBIS

Слайд 29A man dressed in protective hazmat clothing treats the sidewalk in

front of an apartment where a second person diagnosed with the Ebola virus lives, Dallas, Oct. 12, 2014. MIKE STONE—GETTY IMAGES

Слайд 30A devotee is seen with swords inserted into his cheeks as

he takes part in a street procession during an annual vegetarian festival, Phuket, Thailand, Sept. 29, 2014. CHRISTOPHE ARCHAMBAULT—AFP/GETTY IMAGES

Слайд 31A man wearing a horse mask reaches out to shake hands

with U.S. President Barack Obama during a walkabout in Denver, July 8, 2014. KEVIN LAMARQUE—REUTERS

Слайд 32Members of the Morphix Group inspect the eyelashes of a Baby

Jesus statue to be displayed during the annual Candlemas celebrations at the Sanctuary of the Lord of the Holy Sepulchre, Mexico City, Feb. 1, 2014. TOMAS BRAVO—REUTERS

Слайд 33Tokyo Metropolitan Government employees are seen lighting a large underground regulating

reservoir in Tokyo, July, 28, 2014. FRANCK ROBICHON—EPA

Слайд 34A masked person smokes marijuana during the World Day for the

Legalization of Marijuana in Medellin, Colombia, May 3, 2014. RAUL ARBOLEDA—AFP/GETTY IMAGES

Слайд 35A couple sunbathe near a rhinoceros sculpture by Australian artist Mikaela

Castledine on Sydney's Tamarama Beach, Oct. 23, 2014. WILLIAM WEST—AFP/GETTY IMAGES

Слайд 36An Israeli woman wears a unicorn mask during the first Midburn

festival, modeled after the popular Burning Man festival, near the Israeli kibbutz of Sde Boker, June 6, 2014. ODED BALILTY—AP

Слайд 37Coaches from the U.S. and Canada wear chimpanzee masks and perch

in a tree to watch the downhill portion of the men's supercombined at the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics in Krasnaya, Polyana, Russia, Feb. 14, 2014. LUCA BRUNO—AP

Слайд 38Locals take part in a performance which involves being buried up

to their waists as part of the commemoration of the National Week of Remembrance, Medellin, Colombia, Oct. 16, 2014. RAUL ARBOLEDA—AFP/GETTY IMAGES

Слайд 39In this handout photo taken on Jan. 23, 2014, a huge

boulder is seen after it missed a farm house by less than a meter, destroying the barn, and stopped in the vineyard, while a second giant boulder, which detached during the same landslide on Jan. 21, 2014, stopped next to the house, in Ronchi di Termeno, in Northern Italy. TAREOM.COM

Слайд 40A close-up of a Nepalese man's shaved head is seen after

receiving rice and a leaf as a blessing from a priest during Father's Day at Gokarneswor Shrine, near Kathmandu, Nepal, Aug. 25, 2014. NARENDRA SHRESTHA—EPA

Слайд 41Uprooted trees are pictured after a deadly tornado hit Vilonia, Ark.,


Слайд 42Ultra-Orthodox Jews inspect etrogs, or citrons, outside a shop in the

Mea Shearim neighborhood in Jerusalem as they look to purchase an unblemished fruit ahead of the holiday of Sukkot, Oct. 7, 2014. JIM HOLLANDER—EPA

Слайд 43An entertainer performing as the character Mumtaz Begum, a fox-human hybrid

creature, sits inside a wooden canopy in a small room called Mumtaz Palace to amuse visitors at Karachi Zoo in Karachi, June 20, 2014. AKHTAR SOOMRO—REUTERS

Слайд 44A cut-out prison guard silhouette with flashlight, part of a current

exhibition at former prison Eastern State Penitentiary, stands in the grounds in Philadelphia, Pa., April 30, 2014. MARK MAKELA—REUTERS

Слайд 45The man that works as the mascot "Margarito" for the 2014

Caribbean baseball series rests at the backstage during a game between Dominican Republic's Tigres de Licey and Venezuela's Navegantes del Magallanes in Porlamar city, Margarita Island, Nueva Esparta state, Venezuela, Feb. 4, 2014. LEO RAMIREZ—AFP/GETTY IMAGES

Слайд 46Kim Jong Un, North Korean leader, looks out from the submarine

of a Korean People’s Army naval unit during an inspection in this undated photo released by North Korea's Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) in Pyongyang, June 16, 2014. KCNA/REUTERS

Слайд 47A fallstreak hole forms in the sky over Wonthaggi, Australia, Nov.


Слайд 48U.S. President Barack Obama acts out the line "gnashed their terrible

teeth" from the children's book Where the Wild Things Areduring the 136th annual Easter Egg Roll on the South Lawn of the White House in Washington, D.C., April 21, 2014. KEVIN LAMARQUE—REUTERS

Слайд 49Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton ducks after a woman threw

an object toward her while she was delivering remarks at the Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries conference in in Las Vegas, Nev., April 10, 2014. ISAAC BREKKEN—GETTY IMAGES

Слайд 50Japan Self-Defense Force (JSDF) soldiers and firefighters conduct rescue operations at

mountain lodges covered with volcanic ash, as volcanic smoke rises near the peak of Mount Ontake in Nagano and Gifu prefectures, Sept. 28, 2014. KYODO/REUTERS

Слайд 51Protective suits are left to dry after an Ebola training session

held by Spain's Red Cross in Madrid training doctors, nurses and engineers before their deployment to Africa, Oct. 29, 2014. SUSANA VERA—REUTERS

Слайд 52Members of the anti-balaka, a Christian militia group, patrol outside the

village of Zawa in Central African Republic, April 8, 2014. GORAN TOMASEVIC—REUTERS

Слайд 53Rwandan African Union peacekeepers remove the lucky charms from a suspected

Anti-balaka Christian man who was found with a rifle and a grenade following looting in the Muslim market of the PK13 district of Bangui, Central African Republic, Jan. 22, 2014. JEROME DELAY—AP

Слайд 54Singer Conchita Wurst is seen during a rehearsal for the second

semifinal of the Eurovision Song Contest in Copenhagen, May 7, 2014 FRANK AUGSTEIN—AP

Слайд 55A scaffold carrying two workers hangs 69 floors up at One

World Trade Center in New York City on Nov. 12, 2014. SPENCER PLATT—GETTY IMAGES

Слайд 56A human skeletal anatomy model hangs on a stand in a

forensic laboratory surrounded by coffins containing the exhumed remains of people slain three decades ago during the country's dirty war, in Huamanga, Peru, Oct. 26, 2014. RODRIGO ABD—AP

Слайд 57Wingsuit jumper Joby Ogwyn glides during a practice jump wearing a

prototype wingsuit as he prepares to attempt the first wingsuit jump off the summit of Mount Everest in May, near Perris, California, Feb. 26, 2014. DAVID MCNEW—REUTERS

Слайд 58An Ultra-Orthodox Jewish man sits in a hole and prays during

a demonstration in Beit Shemesh, Israel, protesting against the construction of new housing units that he believes would be built at the site of ancient Jewish graves, Feb. 12, 2014. ABIR SULTAN—EPA

Слайд 59Nuns from the enclosed monastery of Imaculada Conceicao celebrate Brazil's victory

as they watch on television at the end of the 2014 World Cup quarter-final soccer match between Brazil and Colombia, in Piratininga, Sao Paulo state, Brazil, July 4, 2014. NACHO DOCE—REUTERS

Слайд 60Inmates play football in the courtyard of the prison facility in

Rumbek, Lakes state in South Sudan, Feb. 19, 2014. TONY KARUMBA—AFP/GETTY IMAGES

Слайд 61A Brazilian supporter poses for a picture before the start of

the 2014 World Cup Brazil vs Mexico match at the FIFA Fan Fest public viewing event in Sao Paulo, Brazil, June 17, 2014. MIGUEL SCHINCARIOL—AFP/GETTY IMAGES

Слайд 62A Balinese man in a state of trance stabs his chest

in front of a palanquin, the symbol of god, during Ngusaba Gumang Ritual in Karangasem, Bali, Indonesia, Oct. 6, 2014. AGUNG PARAMESWARA—GETTY IMAGES

Слайд 63Former President George H.W. Bush, left, strapped to Sgt. Mike Elliott,

a retired member of the Army's Golden Knights parachute team, lands on the lawn at St. Anne's Episcopal Church after making a tandem parachute jump near his summer home in Kennebunkport, Maine, in celebration of his 90th birthday, June 12, 2014. ROBERT F. BUKATY—AP

Слайд 64Visiting the area for the first time, 64-year-old Fran Glod of

Oswego, N.Y, walks down the steps to the beach which is covered by a king tide, an especially high tide on Tybee Island, Ga., Oct. 9, 2014. STEPHEN B. MORTON—AP

Слайд 65An athlete warms up with his coach prior to the Men's

individual Gundersen large hill/10 km Nordic combined training at the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics at the RusSki Gorki Ski Jumping Center in Sochi, Russia. Feb. 15, 2014. LARS BARON—GETTY IMAGES

Слайд 66Militants of Islamic State are seen before explosion of air strike

on Tilsehir hill near the Turkish border village Yumurtalik in Sanliurfa province, Oct. 23, 2014. BULENT KILIC—AFP/GETTY IMAGES

Слайд 67A sinkhole swallows eight classic and historic Corvettes at the National

Corvette Museum in Bowling Green, Ky., Feb. 12, 2014. MICHAEL NOBLE JR.—AP

Слайд 68A hot air balloon in the likeness of Brazil's Christ the

Redeemer statue wearing the colors of Australia's soccer team, floats through clouds over the Melbourne skyline, June 10, 2014. DAVID CALLOW—SPORTSBET.COM.AU/AP

Слайд 69Gao Bingguo is covered with 326,000 bees during an attempt to

break the Guinness World Record for being covered by the largest number of bees, in Taian, Shandong province, May 27, 2014. CHINA STRINGER NETWORK—REUTERS

Слайд 70A statue of a man sleepwalking in his underpants is surrounded

by snow on the campus of Wellesley College, in Wellesley, Mass., Feb. 5, 2014. STEVEN SENNE—AP

Слайд 71Prisaida, 2, sits in the shallow waters of a polluted lagoon

as her parents mine for gold nearby in La Pampa in Peru's Madre de Dios region, May 3, 2014. RODRIGO ABD—AP

Слайд 72A Chinese girl wears a face-kini to protect her from jellyfish

stings, algae and the sun's ultraviolet rays as she floats in the water on the Yellow Sea in Qingdao, China, Aug. 21, 2014. KEVIN FRAYER—GETTY IMAGES

Слайд 73A street performer dressed as the Statue of Liberty stands among

light snow in Times Square in New York, Dec. 10, 2014. ANDREW KELLY—REUTERS

Слайд 74A man dressed as a woman carries a pig's head on

a platter balanced on his head during the celebration of Torovenado, a satirical dance festival, in honor of Masaya's patron saint, San Jeronimo, in Masaya, Nicaragua, Oct 26, 2014. ESTEBAN FELIX—AP

Слайд 75A model prepares to walk a runway before a fashion show

in Neve Tirza prison, Israel's only women prison in Ramle, central Israel, Oct. 27, 2014. ODED BALILTY—AP

Слайд 76Rebecca Redwine from Grandma's in the Park has one eye visible

from between nearly 100 towels, as she competes in the towel carrying contest during the 10th annual Iron Range Housekeeping Olympics held in AmericInn Lodge in Virginia, Minn., Sept. 8, 2014. MARK SAUER—AP

Слайд 77Josh Newton, newlyweds Michael Wolber and April Hartley pose for a

picture near Bend, Ore. as a wildfire burns in the background, June 7, 2014. JOSH NEWTON—AP

Слайд 78Josh Newton, newlyweds Michael Wolber and April Hartley pose for a

picture near Bend, Ore. as a wildfire burns in the background, June 7, 2014. JOSH NEWTON—AP

Слайд 79
A dwarf walks in between mushroom-shaped houses after his performances in Kingdom

of The Dwarves at Kunming World Butterflies Garden, Yunnan province, China, May 21, 2014. WONG CAMPION—REUTERS

Слайд 80A local youth takes a selfie in front of Queen Elizabeth

II during her visit to St George's indoor market in Belfast, Northern Ireland, June 24, 2014. PETER MACDIARMID—GETTY IMAGES

Слайд 81An Israeli model, who serves in the military, wears her uniform

in the makeup chair before her turn on the catwalk of a show by Israeli designer Dorin Frankfurt at the Tel Aviv fashion week in Israel, March 11, 2014. ARIEL SCHALIT—AP

Слайд 82A female honor guard has lipstick applied as they prepare for

an official welcoming ceremony for Italy's Prime Minister Matteo Renzi outside the Great Hall of the People in Beijing, June 11, 2014. JASON LEE—REUTERS

Слайд 83Robots perform a pole dance at a technology show booth occupied

by the Tobit Software company, Germany March 9, 2014. JOHN MACDOUGALL—AFP/GETTY IMAGES

Слайд 84From left to right, Massimo Sinato, Rebecca Mir, Lexy Hill, Maite

Kelly, Florent Raimond, guest, Johanna Klum attend the Rebekka Ruetz show during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Autumn/Winter 2014/15 at Brandenburg Gate in Berlin, Jan. 14, 2014. ANDREAS RENTZ—GETTY IMAGES FOR IMG

Слайд 85A Furry enthusiast uses a mobile phone as he attends the

Eurofurence 2014 conference in Berlin, Aug. 22, 2014. ADAM BERRY—GETTY IMAGES

Слайд 86Molly Pederson, right, and her daughter Laura Patkotak take a picture

as a bowhead whale caught by Alaska Native subsistence hunters from their family is brought ashore in Barrow, Ala., Oct. 7, 2014. GREGORY BULL—AP

Слайд 87Ellen DeGeneres. Hollywood, California. March 2, 2014

Слайд 88cast

The Most Surprising Photos of 2014
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