Musik in our life. My favourite singer презентация

Vocabulary Combination of many sounds Folk music Concert Modern music Singer Group

Слайд 1English Presentation
Illyashov Illya
From 8-B
Theacher:Sheremet T.V.


The topik:Musik in our life. My

favorite singer

Слайд 2Vocabulary
Combination of many sounds

Folk music

Modern music



Слайд 3Combination of many sounds

Слайд 4Folk music

Слайд 5Concert

Слайд 6Modern music

Слайд 7Singer

Слайд 9Text
It is difficult to live without music. We hear music everywhere:

in the streets, at home, over the radio and on TV, in the shops, in the parks and in the concert halls, at the seaside, sometimes in the forest.
We can't live without music. We like to listen to music, we enjoy dancing to music, we can play musical instruments.
Music is a combination of many sounds. They are short and long, weak and strong. Music reflects peoples mood and emotions.
Some people are fond of folk music. There are numerous folk groups in our country. It is interesting to listen to their music and songs. Last week my friends and I visited a concert of folk music. This concert made a great impression on us.

Слайд 10Some people are fond of classical music, but young people prefer

modern music: rap, rock and pop music. If you want to listen to modern music you can attend the music halls and the concerts of popular groups and singers.
I like to listen to the songs by our Ukrainian popular singers. They are talented singers and composers, and I like to attend their concerts.
Both classical and modern music are popular in our country. My friend Max loves rap music. Sometimes he spends his free time listening to music by Alexander Yarmak .

Слайд 11I like different kinds of music, but I can say that

my favourite singer is Oleg Skrypka from the group "VV". consider him to be a decent representative of modern Ukrainian culture. I enjoy the highly energetic music of "VV", and especially I like performances of Oleg Skrypka. He is an outstanding performer.

Слайд 12At the beginning of their creative development the group worked in

France. They have got a lot of songs in French. More than that, they have some songs in English. One of them is "The Pack of Cigarettes" from their new album "Fayno". They have a lot of fans abroad, as well as in Ukraine. Usually their performances in clubs are attended by 10-20 % of foreign people.

Слайд 13The end

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