Презентация на тему Maximo Spatial Asset Management 6.3Overview of New Release

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Maximo Spatial Asset Management 6.3 Overview of New Release

October 1, 2007
Ron Wallace, Industry Marketing
Terry Saunders, Product Development

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Overview of IBM Maximo Spatial Asset Management
What is Maximo Spatial
Why are we working with ESRI
Pricing and Packing
Maximo Spatial Model
Working with ESRI

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Comprehensive asset management geographically dispersed

Drivers of comprehensive asset management:
Cost inefficiencies and complexity associated with redundant asset management infrastructure
Need to measure and manage the availability and use of all strategic assets
Convergence of Operational Technology and Information Technology

Railways, Electric / Gas Distribution, Highways, Telecom, Water



Evaluate and Design

Create /





Asset Lifecycle

Traditional Asset Classes

Plant and Production

Real Estate and Facilities

Transportation and Fleet


Land, Offices, Warehouses, Retail Space, Schools, Hospitals, Airports

Mining, Textile, Chemical, Petro, Electronics, Food, Life Sciences, Power Gen

Military, Airlines, Trucking, Shipping, Railroad, Public Transportation

IT Equipment and Network

PCs, Networks, Routers, Applications, Auto Discovery, Service Desk

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Maps and Geo-coded Information is Pervasive

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Maps and Geo-coded Information is Pervasive

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Market Trend From IDC

IDC – Extending GIS to Enterprise Application
GET (Geospatial Enabling Technologies)
Spatial Context – location increases the value of data
Quantification/measurement – routing, network analysis
Modeling – look for trends, predict occurrence
Geographical analysis - proximity
Reference – relate data beyond the boundary of the enterprise
Visualization – Thematic mapping

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What are we doing with GIS?

Spatially enabling Maximo
Embedding ArcGIS Server 9.2 technology stack in Maximo UI
Powerful Java ArcObjects provide capabilities formerly found on only the desktop
Dynamic – not static
Visualization of data – a map as a report
Geocoding, tracing networks, routing, simple editing
Elimination of data duplication
Take advantage of Maximo security, sites, orgs, etc

IBM Maximo Spatial allows users to visualize all assets and work in their geospatial context to optimize resources and decisions

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Water Resources



Land Use/Cover



Map Overlay
Spatial Analysis

… integrating measurements and disciplines

Topographic Data

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Integrates Data

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Why are we working with ESRI?

Market share leader in GIS
Embraces standards-based technology allowing embedded components in enterprise applications
IBM Strategic Alliance Partner
37 Years In Business, Privately Held
300,000 Client Organizations, > 1M Users
> 84% U.S. Public Sector Market
> 50% Of U.S. Utility Market
Measurable Footprint In 50 Industries
Multi-channel Sales Organization
Annual User Conference with 15,000+ attendees
Synergy with IBM In technology, Business Outlook, values

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IBM & ESRI Strategic Alliance

Global Alliance
Premier PartnerWorld member
Serves growing market for enterprise GIS
ESRI technology enabled on IBM infrastructure products
IBM Maximo team is engaged with IBM-ESRI alliance team

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History: ESRI & MRO Software (Maximo)

MRO Software and ESRI formalized alliance in 2005
IBM Maximo Spatial stems from joint effort to develop and market spatially enabled asset and service management solutions
Engaged at all levels of ESRI
CEO support / engagement
Development / Services supporting Maximo Spatial and current active research projects
Working with marketing / sales / industry marketing on go to market activities
Working with latest ESRI technology
New Business Partner of the Year 2007

Significant potential to further leverage GIS technology to innovate and differentiate IBM’s asset and service management solutions

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Why Is This Innovative?

Full strength of GIS spatial analyses can be exposed
Spatially-enable executive-level cost/benefit analyses
Right access to data drives efficient processes throughout org
Model both outside plant and inside plant in single system
Any Maximo entity can be spatially-enabled, not just assets
Service Request, Locations, Work Orders, Tools, Materials, Labor
All asset types can be spatially-enabled, not just points
Points: Pole, Hydrant, Meter, Sign, Transformer, House, Computer
Linear: Roads, Rail, Pipelines, Powerlines, Communication networks
Area: Rights-of-way, Buildings, Roofs, Service Areas, Campus, Office
Leveraging the latest ESRI technology
Early adopter of server-based GIS
No other asset management vendors are using this approach
Others use static ArcIMS published data

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ArcGIS Server Innovation

Innovative User of External Data Sources
Remote Spatial Databases – connect in ArcCatalog
External data sources can provide themes that overlay the production layers
GPS(AVL) feeds from provider to track resources, assets, tools
Any spatial data not maintained internally is a potential source
FEMA flood planes, evacuation routes, census data
Easily integrated to map document simply by creating a connection
Any web services compatible with ESRI data formats

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Value of Spatial within Maximo

Maximo assets, locations, wo’s sr’s supports visual business analysis
Spatial Context
location provides contexts that makes information more meaningful
group, cluster or categorize related information, reference related feature class details and infrastructure
Quantification / Measurement
distance, physical relationship between objects, proximity measures, obstacles, available routes
trends, variation, patterns

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Maximo Spatial Asset Management at a Glance

Maximo Spatial Asset Management
Added GIS Map Tab to Work Order, Asset, Location and Service Request Applications to Spatially enable these applications.
No data duplication
Extends Maximo’s data boundaries
Goal was to make GIS look like a natural part of Maximo
Included in Maximo for Utilities, also available as an optional add-on.

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Maximo Spatial Features

Maximo (filter and Advanced Search), GIS queries and Find Address

Selection Tools
Select by Point (single feature selection)
Select by extent (rectangle, selects one or more features)
Select by polygon (irregular shape, select multiple features)

Display (highlight, show related,Task Results)
Selected or search results can be highlighted in the map view to differentiate
Show Related highlights related GIS records
Selected GIS features have a tabular representation on the map tab

Edit/Link (create new feature, edit existing feature)
Create, Edit and Link new GIS features

GIS Admin – New Application
An administrative application was added to manage the GIS parameters and relationships between GIS and Maximo tables

TnD Organizations
MAXVAR to identify if a GIS is available or operational
Utilities Industry Solution can be installed without GIS being available
MAXVAR to limit the numbers of records retrieved in queries
Limits the risk of long running queries

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Find by Address – search by address

Maximo Advanced Search

Query Builder-SQL light

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Search – for Service Request using Maximo query

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Task Results – Selections from Map View

Task Results Tree
Maintains list of selected features from the Identify, Find Address, Selection Tools, and Query Results
List can define record set in GIS or Maximo
Input deck for Geoprocessing (future)
Feature Counts displayed

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Add Aerial Overlay – site or external internet or WebServices

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Pricing & Packaging

Maximo Spatial is an option, not a stand-alone product.

It is sold in combination and runs with underlying core products.

Exception: Spatial capability is built into the newest release of Maximo for Utilities

Primary opportunity lies when selling with basic EAM, Utilities and Government solutions


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Packaging Model – basic EAM example

Customer buys Maximo Spatial Asset Management as an option in addition to Maximo Asset Management

Customer buys (or may already own) ArcGIS Server 9.2 Advanced from ESRI or authorized agent

Underlying core Maximo

Spatial option

ArcGIS Server
9.2 Advanced

Spatial Index
Business attributes

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Pricing – basic EAM example

Maximo Asset Management


Maximo Spatial – per server fixed component

Maximo Spatial – per user variable component

$150 per user

$25,000 per install

$4,470 per user

$30,000 per server

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ESRI’s Geographic Coverage

The United States Is Covered By A Network Of Regional Offices
Extremely strong account coverage – most clients have an active account manager with relationships in the account
ESRI Has Deep Industry Expertise
Regional Offices Supported By Industry Overlay Structure
“Non-US” Countries are Served by a Distributor With Exclusive Rights to the Country
Some are branded; “ESRI Ireland”
Some are not branded; Telematica (Peru)
ESRI Europe is an Overlay to Coordinate

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ESRI’s Geographic Coverage: U.S.

Слайд 26
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ESRI’s Geographic Coverage: Outside U.S.

Branded Offices
Many Other Countries Supported

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Engage with ESRI Early!!!
Understand Client’s Current Usage / Licensing
Potential to Team on Account and Leverage Resources
Build and Leverage Relationships!
If the ESRI Account Manager Known
Reach out directly
If the ESRI Account Manager Unknown
Reach Out to One of the Key Contacts
Please Ensure ESRI is Listed as Partner in Siebel
Partner ID: SUSE 014873

Engaging with ESRI to Support an Opportunity

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Key Contacts

Ron Wallace, Tivoli Marketing, ron.wallace@us.ibm.com
Business Development
Pete Karns, Tivoli Business Development, pkarns@us.ibm.com
Overall ESRI Alliance / Cross IBM Activity
Rob Culp, IBM’s ESRI Alliance Owner, jculp@us.ibm.com
Product Development
Terry Saunders, Product Management, terry.saunders@us.ibm.com
Overall IBM Alliance
Julio Olimpio, ESRI’s IBM Alliance Owner, jolimpio@esri.com
IBM Maximo Software Alliance
April Nichols, ESRI’s Maximo Alliance Owner, anichols@esri.com

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Demonstrating IBM Maximo Spatial

Pre Recorded Live Demo by Gary Cooper
Available on CD
Contact Lori Galvin for a copy lgalvin@us.ibm.com
Online access through the EAM Resource Center http://eam.mro.com/ExternalContent/Webcasts/MROEAM/9115/IBM_Maximo_Spatial_Asset_Mgmt_Release_1.wmv
Complex Demo Environment
Initially Server Based in Bedford
Contact Steve Kominiarek steve.kominiarek@us.ibm.com
Need to be an IBM employee to access
Available now, working on demo scenarios
ESRI Product Licensing for IBM Tivoli
Please work all requests through Pete Karns

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Ordering IBM Maximo Spatial Asset Management

IBM employees
Order software on Xtreme Leverage
Upgrading Customers
Use the download center that IBM customers or anyone with a valid ICN can access is DSW Online.
Or contact eCare at 800-978-2246.
Partnerworld Partners –
ISV – contact Bill Coakley bcoakley@us.ibm.com
SI – contact Mark Hagan Mark.Hagan@us.ibm.com
We cannot distribution our GIS demo database
Must work directly with ESRI for ArcGIS Server demonstration licenses
New Clients
Through normal sales process

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What exactly is IBM Maximo Software selling?
We are a selling a solution, IBM Maximo Spatial, spatially enables IBM Maximo Asset Management. This solution is designed to work with ESRI’s ArcGIS Server 9.2.
IBM and ESRI have a long standing partnership across many SWG products, however we are not selling ESRI’s products.

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How does ESRI go to market outside of North America?
IBMers in SW IOT, NE IOT, ASEAN and other non AG regions. It is likely that your territory will be covered by one of ESRI international distribution partners. ESRI has a solid network of channel partners who distribute and provide services for ESRI solutions.
If you are looking to begin a relationship and or find a contact, please work through Pete Karns or Rob Culp.

Слайд 33
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Who can implement IBM Maximo Spatial?
IBM will have resources trained on IBM Maximo Spatial and available to support implementations. However, client requirements may exceed current IBM capabilities and thus require resources skilled on ESRI’s ArcGIS Server and or GIS implementation concepts.
IBM does not have a GIS “consultancy” practice
We would expect to work with selected ESRI business partners and ESRI’s own consultants.
Sales should work through their BSM’s when IBM Maximo Spatial is being positioned.

Слайд 34
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What if a client is not running ESRI today?
ArcGIS Server 9.2 includes powerful data interoperability functionality, including the ability to work with GE Smallworld, Intergraph, Oracle Spatial and some 75+ data formats.
Although a client may not be using ESRI software in every application, it is likely they will have some ESRI products installed for land use, environmental, etc
The customer will purchase the required software directly from ESRI.

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What if a client is running ESRI today, but an older version?
If an existing ESRI client is not using ArcGIS Server 9.2 Advanced Enterprise, they should contact their ESRI account manager to arrange for the necessary upgrade or purchase.
ArcGIS Server has the capability to interoperate with earlier verison of their own software, therefore a client will not need to upgrade their production GIS system in order to use Maximo Spatial
IBMers are encouraged to make contact with the respective ESRI account managers early in the sales cycle. If you do not know the ESRI account manager, please utilize the key contacts outlined above to facilitate an introduction.

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What is the relationship between ESRI and IBM?
IBM and ESRI have formed a global alliance to serve the growing market for enterprise Geographic Information System (GIS) solutions. ESRI provides GIS software technology and IBM provides infrastructure products and services critical to make spatial applications enterprise-ready. Together, ESRI and IBM can deliver hardware, software, installation, and training, as well as outsourcing if required.
IBM Maximo Spatial stems from an alliance between ESRI and MRO Software to develop and market spatial asset management solutions. IBM’s acquisition of MRO Software enables Maximo clients to leverage the full breadth of the joint (IBM / ESRI) solutions.
ESRI based enterprise GIS solutions have frequently been deployed with IBM hardware, software, and services to address the business requirements of governments and other industry clients. IBM hardware and software technologies deployed include System p™, System x™, System z™, TotalStorage®, WebSphere, DB2® and Informix® products, and AIX®. ESRI is a Premier member of IBM PartnerWorld® for Developers and an IBM Strategic Alliance Partner.

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Thank You!

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