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What is my company?  CYBORG - Public (for now) non-profit organization,
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What is my company?

 CYBORG - Public (for now) non-profit organization, designed for global creative production of clothing and jewelry (based on the philosophy of a musical project weregravewolf), together with this the creation of a new clothing industry. The new clothing industry implies a change of life thinking and a shift in thinking for the production of clothing due to the transition of the inhabitants of the planet to a new, technological level of development. Collections of jewelry and clothing will be suitable for a different standard of living for all people on earth. The basis of thinking and ideology is the culture of cyberpunk. I can characterize it with a single quote.

"Conceptualization, woven into cyberpunk, is something more than preparing for the future, a look at a new global culture. This is a culture that does not exist at the moment, so the Japanese concepts of cyberpunk-future seem to be just as legitimate as Western ones, especially because Western cyberpunk often includes many Japanese elements. " - Ruh, Brian (2000), "Liberating Cels: Forms of the Female in Japanese Cyberpunk Animation".

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Why “Cyborg“?Cyborg - a simple and understandable for all concept beyond
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Why “Cyborg“?

Cyborg - a simple and understandable for all concept beyond the technological or beyond the person living in the modern realities of the technological world. With this concept, I explain the desire of a modern technological society to follow technology innovations and involve their lives in them. My future brand will help humanity to realize its involvement in the new era of mankind, will also help to live more comfortably in it. The name and idea was invented in 2018. I, the creator of the project, consider myself an androgyne. I believe that the most advanced technologies were brought to earth by other civilizations from other stars. One of such civilizations is the Egyptian one. The main reference to the idea of ​​universal cyborgization and the acceptance in itself of the highest technological essence is the symbol of the company - the scarab.
The scarab in the culture of ancient Egypt meant the repetition of the path of the sun, the movement in the sky, also the insect of the sun gods and the creative power of the sun. In many representations about the scarab, the scarab is a kind of collective symbol. Combining all three of its parts, a person can acquire cosmic power. The idea of ​​cyberpunk is similar: a person acquires cosmic power through high technologies, parts implanted into his body.

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The main idea Is to create cyborgized art objects -
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The main idea

Is to create cyborgized art objects - music, clothing, jewelry, drawings, combined with the common era of cyborging of mankind.
The subdivisions and creative concepts that we can rely on can be:
the concept of post-apocalypse, protective clothing and accessories, military and the subject of survival.
The concept of a return to the past and unification with the future. Asian or Egyptian dresses and symbols, combined with modern high-tech clothes
the concept of everyday street youth clothes and style, even more modern clothes, designed for a large amount of time spent on the street.
Clothing for different sexes, sprouts, unisex products.
The concept of a colossal combination of the concept of jewelry with clothes sold by the kit.
musical representative of the company representing the culture of cyberpunk
all this is a unique designer clothes, ornaments.

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In whom am I interested?I need help, support, cooperation, separation of
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In whom am I interested?

I need help, support, cooperation, separation of ideas. I need young, active specialists who want to propagate the creative ideological direction of our future company. I need designers, jewelers, artists, musicians, entrepreneurs who will help to promote the company to the market and create a unique product. We are all in search of the ideal product, previously unknown to anyone. I want us to be the first to do it. I invite those who do not have a specialty and who only acquire design, jewelry and legal specialties. New, young professionals who want to make a discovery. An experts from all over the world are welcome.

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When do I plan to start an activity? I plan to
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When do I plan to start an activity?

I plan to start my activity after graduation, which will take two to four years. But, I plan to start developing the company as soon as I finish my studies, which I want from you. But we must begin to develop ideas now, even when we study or rest. Who is ready to make the idea of cyberpunk his life idea?

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Other projects (musical group) connection with a weregravewolf The part of
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Other projects (musical group) connection with a weregravewolf

The part of the concept of cyberpunk is music. I started this project because of enthusiasm, without producing and helping. Music does not have studio quality, but it has all my heart and all my soul. Most of my life I spent on this project. I'm looking for musicians, all but vocalists who were able to popularize this project and designate it as part of the brand. It is possible to have a concert activity and an agreement with one label.

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Headquarters I'm going to do brand headquarters either in Amsterdam or in Utrecht.
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I'm going to do brand headquarters either in Amsterdam or in Utrecht.

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LGBTI'm going to support the representatives of LGBT. I welcome the
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I'm going to support the representatives of LGBT. I welcome the people who share the philosophy of the company in our company.
We will be able to establish more connections with the LGBT community.

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Anticipated products
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Anticipated products

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Work in the companyWork in the company can include interactive and
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Work in the company

Work in the company can include interactive and remote methods of work. so I need programmers and workers in international technology.

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Why do we want to be one of the best? Only
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Why do we want to be one of the best?

Only our company in the future is calculated on the leadership in the mass informal fashion market. also, in the market of technological apparel, possibly, in cooperation with companies of innovative technologies.
Only we will be able to popularize the idea of adopting a new cyber world into the public consciousness, combining it with a new fashion.
We do not have a goal to dictate fashion, our brand will become the essence of fashion and the life of the future. and what the future will be like, depends on us.

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