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History of Real Madrid! Real Madrid was founded in 1902. The first ten years of existence of the club was marked with outstanding events, when real Madrid got to rent a

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History of the club
Track record

Слайд 2History of Real Madrid!
Real Madrid was founded in 1902. The first

ten years of existence of the club was marked with outstanding events, when real Madrid got to rent a plot of land for the installation of the football field in 1912, and his owner has requested solid for the time cost of 1000 pesetas per month. In the same year there was another significant event: the club appeared a young striker by the name of Santiago Bernabeu, who later became the most famous President of real Madrid. Over the next few years "real" has confidently entered into number of the strongest clubs in the country, and already in 1920 in his story, there was a significant event: the king of Spain granted the club the title "ROYAL". In those years in the "real" were brilliant players Theus, Eric, Eulogio, Aranguren, Ricardo Alvarez, Castell brothers Peti - they were considered among the strongest in the country.

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In subsequent years, the players of the club

made several European trips, visiting Portugal, Italy, England, Denmark and France, and, despite the unfortunate results of some matches, they learned many useful lessons. But a trip to South America has developed more successfully: he was won 9 victories in 16 games. In September 1930, the "real" takes on the legendary Ricardo Zamora for the huge sum of 150,000 pesetas, and the move paid off: in the season 1930/31 they surely win in the championship, not losing a single match. 6 may 1933 for the first time they won the Cup, beating in the final of "Valencia" with the account 2:1. In 1935, they finished the championship in second place, and their striker, Sakuda was 17 balls, the third in the list of scorers. Incredibly, all of his goals he has spent five matches, four made "poker"! In 1936 they again won the Spanish Cup, defeating Barcelona in the final match.

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Much more serious humiliation had expected Barcelona 13

June 1943: they literally destroyed rivals, winning by a score of 11:1! September 15, 1943, Santiago bernabéu was elected President of real Madrid, and from that moment offers one of the most glorious pages in the history of the club. In 1946, after a decade, they regain the Spanish Cup, defeating in the final match, "Valencia", which many considered the favorite, with the score 3:1. December 14, 1947, a solemn opening of a new club stadium, which now bears the name of Santiago Bernabeu. At that time, according to the world press, it was the most modern sports facility. The author of the first goal in this arena was Barinaga, and this event happened in a friendly game against Portuguese "Balenciaga", which the Spaniards won with the score 3:1. I note that the major changes happened at the same time and in the "real": was acquired by such known masters, as Narro, MacOS, Pacheco, Gabriel Alonso and Machala.

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27 January 1948, the chief coach of the

club of Madrid was the Briton Kiping, who previously worked in "Southampton" and "Fulham". He made a serious tactical conversion, going for the most advanced in those years, the style of play known as "double-ve". December 27, 1953, the first match in the "real" had Alfredo di Stefano, who would later become the greatest player in the club's history. In his first season for real Madrid, Di Stefano won the title of top scorer with 29 goals, and they after a long break to become national Champions and earn the right to participate in the first edition of the European Champions Cup.

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At the beginning of the carrying out of

the European Cup "Royal" the club did not want to share power with any of rivals: the first five draws of the Champions Cup invariably ended with the victory of real Madrid. In the season 1955/56 in a bitter struggle with the score 4:3 was replayed "Reims", which was made by stars such as Kopa, Fontaine, Piantoni and Vincent. A year later, the showdown was entrusted to Madrid. Of course in the presence of 125,000 fans of "the real" had no right to lose! Despite the desperate resistance of their rivals from Fiorentina, real Madrid spent scored two unanswered goals. No less dramatic was the final match of the third tournament, in which real Madrid defeated AC Milan (3:2) only in extra time. The decisive goal held by Francisco Gento, who owns, apparently, the eternal record: six times in the composition of the Madrid club he won the Champions Cup! The following year, rival real Madrid become their old friends from "Reims". However, to take revenge ambitious Frenchmen could not: real Madrid wins again, this time with the score 2:0.

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A veritable hail balls rained down Madrid at

the gates of Eintracht Frankfurt a year later, won the final match with the score 7:3! However, all winning streaks come to an end. In the following season's Champions Cup real Madrid concluded their participation in the 1/8 final, and it is symbolic that he was knocked out of the draw of the sworn enemies of the "Barcelona", winning on aggregate (2:2, 2:1) it is Obvious that real Madrid was in need of updating of composition: the generation of Di Stefano and Puskas faded away from the scene. Both the great player still managed to take part in the final of the Champions Cup-62, but this match was a triumph for the Portuguese "Benfica" and the inimitable Eusebio.. Even the greatest club not under force every year to win European trophies. However, they are still considered one of the top clubs in the continent. From the events of the mid-seventies, I note the crushing victory of real Madrid against Barcelona (4:0) in the final of the Spanish Cup-74.

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In 1978, real Madrid has acquired Uli Stielike

and Juanito, who, despite the diversity of game manners, for many will be the idols of the Madrid bolelshikov. 4 Jun 1980 they defeated in the finals of the national Cup, beating "Castilho" 6:1. The following year, real Madrid once again reminded of his Europe, having reached the final of the Champions Cup. However, in a fierce battle with Liverpool, real Madrid, led by Vujadina Baskovym were forced to concede with the score 0:1.In December 1983, the coach of real Madrid was Alfredo di Stefano, and joined Martin esker, Michel, Sanchis and Emilio butragueño, who will soon become one of the symbols of the team. In the first game at "Royal" club, butragueño scored twice and brought victory to real Madrid in the match against "Cadiz". 24 may 1985, the President took Ramon Mendez, whose reign will be marked by outstanding achievements. In 1985 and 1986 they won the UEFA Cup, after beating in the final match, "Sparta" and "Cologne". On the home field "real" were especially inspired: it seemed his players under force to eliminate any deficit in the hammered balls. Once they managed to do and did something incredible: losing to VfL Borussia mönchengladbach 1:5, they spent at Santiago Bernabeu four unanswered goals and went into the next round!

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After a few relatively unsuccessful seasons as head

coach, "real" took Jorge Valdarno, to this fruitful job in Tenerife. The coach has entrusted a place in the main part of Redondo, Laudrup, Amavisca, Quique Flores. 8 Jan 1995 team Valdarno destroyed its main rivals from Barcelona, winning the match championship with a score of 5:0, and went on to win the title! However, the following season real Madrid failed and the place the coach in July 1996 took the famous Italian Fabio Capello. Has been noticeably updated and the team, which joined Seedorf, Mijatovic and Roberto Carlos. To win the championship team, Capello and had one of the season! In may 1998, real Madrid in the seventh times won the Champions Cup, defeating in the final match of Juventus (1:0), and in a few months, and wins the Intercontinental Cup "Vasco da Gama".

Слайд 10History of Real Madrid!
After a disappointing season guide 1999-2000 "real" decided

to entrust the post of chief coach Vicente del Bosque and it has paid off: the club for the eighth time won the European Cup, beating Valencia (3:0) in the final match. Proved to be excellent Raul, who became the real leader of the team. This year, as you know, Europe's highest peak, real Madrid did not submit, but the fans were sad for long: after a few days their favourites in 28-times won the title of national champion, writing another glorious page in the history of the club that used to win all the competitions, wherever I participated. So, new successes "real" - not far off.

Слайд 11Track record
The Champions League Cup :1956 ,1957, 1958, 1959, 1960, 1966,

1998, 2000, 2002 , 2013 , 2014, 2016
Champion Of Spain: 1932, 1933, 1954, 1955, 1957, 1958, 1961, 1962, 1963, 1964, 1965, 1967, 1968, 1969, 1972, 1975, 1976, 1978, 1979, 1980, 1986, 1987, 1988, 1989, 1990, 1995, 1997, 2001, 2003, 2008, 2012, 2017
Spanish Super Cup: 1905, 1906, 1907, 1908, 1917, 1934, 1936, 1946, 1947, 1962, 1970, 1975, 1980, 1982, 1993, 2012 ,2016
Intercontinental Cup: 1960, 1988.

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Слайд 13Coach
Zidane three times voted the best player of the world (1998,

2000, 2003), the best football player of Europe (1998). In 2004 he was voted the UEFA best player of the last 50 years. In 2016, was voted the best French player in history of football according to the version of France Football.After a career in 2006 working in the structure of "real" — the adviser of the President, athletic Director, coach of the second team, assistant coach. From January 2016 Zidane — head coach of "real Madrid". Zidane led the team to two victories in the Champions League and once in the Spanish League, winner of UEFA super Cup 2016 and 2017.In October 2017, at the ceremony of awarding The Best FIFA Football Awards, was named the best coach in the world for second consecutive win in the Champions League c "real Madrid", which previously could not be anyone.

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The End

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