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Violations of a sound pronunciation.

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Lesson plan:

1. Sound pronunciation.
2. Violations of a sound pronunciation.
3. Correction of violations of a sound pronunciation.

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Sound production is the process of formation of speech sounds, carried out by the energy (respiratory), generator (voice-forming) and resonator (sound-forming) sections of the speech apparatus with regulation from the side of the central nervous system

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Violations of sound - a group of pronunciation defects, including such forms as dyslalia, rhinolalia (palatolalia), dysarthria and, in part, aphasia. Disturbances in sound reproduction should be differentiated with dialectal dialect and mispronunciation as a result of a low culture of speech and literacy.

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Prevention of violations of a sound pronunciation comes down to the correct education of the speech of the child during its formation. According to O. V. Pravdina (1973): "… the cases depending on the wrong speech education (the wrong pronunciation of the small child isn't corrected, and sometimes even cultivate), from the wrong or foreign-language speech of people around, and also the cases connected with hypererethism or some backwardness of the child that prevents formation of thin differentiations in the speech of both motor, and touch character" are included in the section of functional dislaliya.

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Correction of violations of a sound pronunciation — the system of logopedic work directed to formation of the correct pronunciation, representation (representation phonemic) and perceptions (perception phonemic or phonemic hearing) phonemes and development of the speech. It is carried out by teachers-logopedists and tutors of speech groups of children's preschool educational institutions (kindergartens).

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The problem of prevention of violations of a sound pronunciation includes early identification and early rehabilitation of persons with speech violations, and also "active promotion of pedagogical and sanitary and hygienic knowledge among the population for effective prevention of violations of the speech“.

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At logopedic inspection of children first of all it is necessary to study in detail a structure and mobility of bodies of the articulation device. Then carefully to survey a condition of a sound pronunciation, it is important to find out a condition of phonemic perception. Inspection of the articulation device begins with check of all its bodies: lips, language, teeth, jaw, sky. At the same time the logopedist notes whether there are no defects in a structure, whether it meets standard.

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Further mobility of bodies of the articulation device is checked. To the child suggest to perform various tasks on imitation or the speech instruction, at the same time the logopedist notes freedom and speed of movements of bodies the article of the device, their smoothness and also on how many transition from one movement to another is easily carried out.

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As a result of inspection ability of the child to say this or that sound separately and to use it in the independent speech has to be revealed. At the same time it should be noted sound pronunciation shortcomings: replacement, mixture, distortion, absence, it is isolated, in words, the phrase as pronounces words of different syllabic structure of shift, losses. A set of special pictures is necessary for inspection of a pronunciation of sounds in words. After check of a condition of a sound pronunciation it is necessary to find out how the child perceives them aurally as he distinguishes.

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Disturbances in sound reproduction are those defects of speech that the logopedist often has to face in his work. Violations of pronunciation of sounds in children are manifested in preschool age, and then they must be corrected.

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Thank you.

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