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Travelling is the most well-known kind of activity among nowadays people. To my mind there is no way to travel without any purpose or reason.

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Travelling is the most well-known kind of activity among nowadays

people. To my mind there is no way to travel without any purpose or reason.

Слайд 3Boredom escaping
Our life might be boring, routine, monotonous and gray. Anyone

could get sick and tired of it.
So, people take their days-off, pack their suit-cases, go to travel agencies and just fly away.
Bur after come back routine comes back too. And travelling every time you are getting bored is too expensive.
But rest and relaxation is a need.

Слайд 5To run away from broken heart
It’s OK to have a broken

heart. In my thinking everyone should have such experience at least once or twice in a lifetime.
So, you can’t breathe the same air with person who broke your heart, you can’t share the same city with him or her. All you want to do is just run away as far as you can.
Proverb “ Out of sight-out of mind” suits for this situation perfectly.

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I think we can all agree that food is awesome

and experiencing different cuisines can be a good reason for traveling. Food can simply make people want to go travel. Especially gourmets and those, who like cooking.

Слайд 8To broaden your experience of the world
It’s a real reason for

people who want to see the world, to see how do the other people live. Or even find a better place for themselves.

Слайд 10To learn languages
Native speakers, alive, real speech everywhere- in shops, buses,

stations and streets is a helpful way to improve one’s language and conversation skills.

Слайд 11To live out your dreams
It’s difficult to find someone, who don’t

want to go somewhere. Someone, who just wants to stay in his hometown forever.
We are all explorers. Our planet is so huge.
There are so many nationalities and countries. It’s amazing if you have some cherish dreams to come true.

Слайд 12To visit historical sights
It’s OK if you want to know

more about culture, history and traditions of some country. There are special historical routes, which include visiting religious monuments, buildings, places. Also there are a huge amount of appealing waterfalls, divine gardens and exquisite stairs and abandonments.

Слайд 14To spend some time in solitude
Some of the best and the

most important things that travel will teach you are knowing more about yourself and finding the real you. People travel also to reflect on themselves, their lives and also to seek happiness. May they be from a recently ended relationship, a death of a relative or have just gotten out of school, they use travel to find direction again in their lives and to understand their purpose of existence. Traveling helps people simply to escape and let them see themselves in a different way until they figure out how they want their lives to go.

Слайд 16Thanks for your attention

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