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Miioka Language

Bostan Cristina, 361L

Moldova State University


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In the year of 2500, when humans will easily travel from Earth to other planets of the universe, Maaks will no longer be able to bear the daily routine of huge skyscrapers, flying cars and multifunctional robots in the environment he will be living in and so he will decide that it is the right time to make a change in his life. One day, after much hard work, he will build up his own rocket and wave goodbye to the old planet Earth. As he will fly around the Milky Way for 5 years, at first, Maaks will not find any planet to land on as they will be all inhabited.

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Searching through hundreds of other galaxies, Maaks will feel like he is losing hope and think that maybe he should return to planet Earth. But that is when his eyes will be drawn to a far, far away glitter shining remotely. He will feel as there is something very special about that tiny, sparkling dot so he will dive in towards it with great determination. While approaching it, the dot will get bigger and shinier. And it is not a galaxy that he will see, it will be a lonely, far away planet glowing in the darkness and emptiness of the universe. He will be mesmerized by its multicolored shining structure, and by his landing, Maaks will feel the happiest.

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He will discover a planet of tiny, colorful, welcoming people whose number will be very small – around 50. The only way of communicating between each other is through signs and facial expressions. They will greet him merrily and think that he was sent to rule their world. And so it will be. Knowing that other people could discover this wonderful planet and invade it with their dirt, together with his peers, Maaks will build up a doorway that would not let others come in easily. He will teach them how to talk by inventing a totally new language – Miioka. He will name the planet “Mika”, and its residents – the Miiokas. Maaks will also strive to keep it secret, both the planet and the language.

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About Miioka

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Maaks will reverse the whole English alphabet and add some other details to the letters. It might seem similar to the English one, but its phonetics differs.

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As the sounds of letters are based on vocals, Maaks will tend to make the words short, but it will not be the case. He will introduce most of the words spoken on a daily basis, but afterwards, the language will develop without his acknowledgment.

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How are the words created? Basically, it’s simple. He will take the first 4-5 letters of the words derived from English and spell them by their sounds.

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Pronouns Pronouns are mostly exceptions. I – ( ii) We – (duvei) You – ( iaiuou) You – ( iaiuouei) He – ( haei) They – (tiaha) She (sha) But because he wants it to be secret, he will “codify” the alphabet. What you’ve seen above is the pronunciation, but the actual pronouns look like this:

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The planet will have no buildings or cars, just pure nature. That is why Maaks will introduce the most common words used in the environment that surrounds them. Here are some of them: River – raiivieira Rain - raaiiini Ocean – uoukaieiaini Water - duvaitiaei Sun – suani Land - laeinid Star – stiaaira Stone – stiauoumiei Mountain – miuouuanitia Giraffe - giiiraaifi Elephant – eilaeipiha Bird – baiirad By adding “z” to any noun, we form the plural. Raiivieiraz (rivers) Stiauoumieiz (stones) Eilaeipihaz (elephants)

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Maaks will teach the Miiokas how to count because of the love they share with the many wonderful living beings around them. Also, they would count the stars at night. Numerals: 0 – zieirauou 1 – uouniei 2 – tiaduvuou 3 – tiaharaei 4 – fiuouuara For the rest of numerals above 9, you just have to add 5 – fiiiviei the other numbers, for example: 6 – siigze 10 = uouniei + zieirauou 7 – seivieni 11 = uouniei + uouniei 8 – eiiigihatia 23 = tiaduvuou + tiaharaei 9 – niiiniei 55 = fiiiviei + fiiiviei 100 – hauounidra 89 = eiiigihatia + niiiniei 1000 – tiahauouuas 1050 = tiahauouuas + fiiiviei + zieirauou 1 000000 - miiilalaiiuouni

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Verbs: To go – giuou The present form stays as the infinitive. To come – kaiuoumiei To form the verbs in the past, To feel – fieieila you add “ki”, for example: To give – giiiviei “Ii eiaitiaki” – I ate To build – bauaiilad For future tense, you add “ba”: To eat – eiaitia ex. “Haei kaiuoumieiba” – He will come To drink – draiinikia

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Possessive pronouns: Mine – miiiniei Yours – iaiuouuara His – haiis Hers – haeiras Ours – uouuaras Theirs –tiahaeiiira

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The most common words/phrases used among the Miiokas: Hello – haeilalauou How are you? – Hauouduv airaei iaiuou? I love you – Ii lauouviei iaiuou I am hungry – Ii aimi hauanigira I see the moon – Ii seiei tiahaei miuouuouni He is sleeping – Haei iis slaeieipiiinigi Wow, comet! – Duvoduv, kaiuoumieitia!

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It is not difficult to translate from English into Miioka. The basic rule is to use the first 4-5 letters of the English word and transform them into sounds. This can be possible only by having the special sound alphabet. Maaks will teach Miiokas the pronunciation and they will learn it by heart. The alphabet will be hidden deep under land, so that if anybody tried to invade their planet, they would never understand their language.

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Translation from English into Miioka:
NASA's Kepler Space Telescope, astronomers have discovered the first Earth-size planet orbiting a star in the "habitable zone" -- the range of distance from a star where liquid water might pool on the surface of an orbiting planet. The discovery of Kepler-186f confirms that planets the size of Earth exist in the habitable zone of stars other than our sun.

NIAISAI’Z Kiaeipilaeira Spiaikaiei Tiaeilaeis, aistiarauouni haaiviei diiskaiuouviki tiahaei fiiirastia Eiairatiaha-siiziei pilaainieitia uourabaiitia ai stiaaira iini tiahaei “haaibaiitiaba ziuouniei” – tiahaei raainigiei uoufi diistianis firauoumi ai stiaaira duvhaeiraei laiikiuaiid duvaitiaei miiigihatia piuouuoula uouni tiahaei suarafiai uoufi aini uourabaiitia pilaainieitia. Tiahaei diiskaiuouvi uoufi Kiaeipilaeira hauounidra-eiiigihatia-siigze (186) kaiuounifiiira tiahaaitia pilaainieitiaz tiahaei siiziei uoufi Eiairatiaha eigzeiistia iini tiahaei haaibaiitiaba ziuouniei uoufi stiaairaz uoutiahaeira tiahaaini uouuara suani.

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Translation of the poem “Stars Are Beautiful”, that will soon become Miiokas’ planet anthem, which they will be singing to their significant other every night.

Stars Are Beautiful
Stars are beautiful
They represent all the lives lost
Stars are incredible
They come with no cost.
You are just like a star
You took all my heart
You are just like
A priceless piece of art.
You aren’t like a star
You are one
You shine just
As bright as the sun.

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Stiaairaz airaei baeiaiuatia
Stiaairaz airaei baeiaiuatia
Tiaha raeipira ailala laiivieis lauoustia
Stiaairaz airaei iinikairaeid
Tiaha kaiuoumiei duviitiaha niuou kaiuoustia.
Iaiuou airaei jiuastia laiikiaei ai stiaaira
Iaiuou tiaaikiaeiki ailala miiai haeiairatia
Iaiuou airaei jiuastia laiikiaei
Ai piraiikaieilas piiieikaiei uoufi airatia.
Iaiuou aiaeini’tia laiikiaei ai stiaaira
Iaiuou airaei uouniei
Iaiuou shaiiniei jiuastia
Ais baraiigihatia ais tiahaei suani.

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After 2 years of spending his life on planet Miioka, Maaks will fall in love with the beautiful Airata and they both will become “Miuoumi” and “Daid” of wonderful, tiny Miiokas. Together, they will improve their language and make it accessible only for their little, secret world.

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